Monday’s Music Moves Me: More Randomness

Did this a couple of weeks ago, and I got good feedback on it, so I’m doing it again. I start with the first song that comes to mind, and just let YouTube dictate the rest of them.

  1. David Essex, “Rock On” I had this song on my mind for whatever reason, so I figured it was a good place to start. This was his lone US hit, from 1973, when it reached #4.
  2. Steely Dan, “Do It Again” From their 1972 debut album Can’t Buy A Thrill, it reached #6 on the Hot 100. Steely Dan gradually backed off the Top 40 thing.
  3. Sugarloaf, “Green Eyed Lady” A favorite of mine from 1970. It reached #3 on the Hot 100, and they wouldn’t have another hit single until 1974, with “Don’t Call Us, We’ll Call You,” which oddly enough was about their struggles to get another record on the chart.
  4. Atlanta Rhythm Section, “Spooky” It stands to reason that a band made up mostly of former members of Classics IV would try to cover one of their early hits, and they tried in 1979. While the original reached #3, ARS’s version only got as far as #17.
  5. Al Stewart, “The Year Of The Cat” This was the title track from Stewart’s seventh studio album in 1976, which is considered his masterpiece. The song helped the album reach #5, though the song only reached #8.
  6. Gerry Rafferty, “Baker Street” For some reason, I always get Gerry confused with Al, but anyway… This is from 1978, when it reached #2 on the Hot 100. You might recognize Gerry’s voice from the Stealer’s Wheel hit “Stuck In The Middle With You,” on which he also provided lead vocal.
  7. 10cc, “I’m Not In Love” This was their 1975 worldwide breakout hit, from their third album The Original Soundtrack. It reached #2 in the US.
  8. Double, “The Captain Of Her Heart” We take a sudden ten-year leap, to 1986 for this, by the Swiss duo Double (pronounced “doo-BLAY”). It only reached #16 on the Hot 100, but #4 on the AC chart, and is still a staple of “lite rawk” radio.
  9. Simply Red, “Holding Back The Years” From Simply Red’s 1985 album Picture Book, it was released in 1985, when it went nowhere. Reissued the following year, it reached #1 in the US. Timing is everything, or so they say.
  10. Spandau Ballet, “True” Title track from their third studio release in 1983, it reached #4 in the US for their only Top 10 hit here. Two subsequent releases barely reached the Top 40 in this country.

I’m the guest conductor on this musical journey, and unfortunately I can’t show you who all is participating this week, but I can share this:

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That’s Monday’s Music Moves Me for August 12, 2019.

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31 thoughts on “Monday’s Music Moves Me: More Randomness

  1. I learn something evertime I visit! Thank you! Didn’t know ARS was members of Classics IV or that they covered “Spooky.” Great stuff. Double was the only one that was new to me.
    BTW, re: your comment. WF = Whole Foods


    1. Oh, that WF… thanks for clearing that up.

      Double only had the one hit before slipping into obscurity, but you still hear it occasionally. They’re kind of like Gino Vanelli: outside of “I Just Want To Stop,” what has he done?


  2. Good selections. I have done that with youtube…sometimes I get some bands I never heard of but they are really good.


  3. You have some all time favorites here and a couple of them will be vying for earworm status: Year of the Cat and I’m not in love. It’s been so long…so many memories here. Hooray for You Tube roulette.


    1. The sheer volume of material out there is remarkable, and there are other sites, like Dailymotion, Bitchute and the Internet Archive, that have some pretty interesting collections.


  4. John,

    You have excellent oldies here. I love how YT comes up with some pAwesome sounding classics from yesteryear. You and Mary transported me to my teen days. Thanks for sharing the dance floor with the 4M gang, my friend. Have a boogietastic week!


      1. Well, first of all I don’t know what Markdown is so I think I won’t be using that, but as far as tunes like Steely Dan… that’s hubby’s and my favorite kind of music because when we went on vacation these passed 18 yrs every year we would get the Steely Dan CD”s and when they started playin’ in the car it’s VACATION TIME & Dave would turn into VACATION MAN!!! WOO HOO and believe me we would have tons of fun. So now when I hear Steely Dan it would bring a smile to my face! THANKS JOHN. Have a great week…. oh I’m sorry they’re all great tunes!!! Got a lil’ distracted… hehehehehe~


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