The More Dog Days Week That Was

This edition of The Week That Was is brought to you by Sandy’s restaurants. Sandy’s puts the fun into eating out!

Sandy’s was a restaurant chain in the Midwest that was started by four guys who operated a McDonalds in Urbana, Illinois (only the third McDonalds outside California) and had built restaurants in Decatur and Peoria when they were informed that those weren’t included in the Central Illinois territory, and that they would have to pay more to McDonalds. So they decided to brand the restaurants “Sandy’s” and soon there were Sandy’s all around the Midwest. It was later bought out by Hardee’s.

Starting this a little later than usual. Normally I write my Sunday posts on Saturday and schedule them, but this week I decided to do things a little different. It was a good, if uneventful week. It’s been very hot here, so we haven’t left the house much, because with the heat comes ozone alerts. I’m hoping we get some rain this week. Anyhow, here’s your summary.

We were to pick a song about a person, and I chose Anissa Jones (Buffy on Family Affair) and a song about her wondering if anyone remembered her. It’s the second time Anissa has made an appearance here, and it makes me think I’ve got a little “thing” for her.

Another freebie week led to another YouTube Roulette, and I got a few goodies. Mary B at Jingle Jangle Jungle also did YouTube Roulette and came up with a bunch more goodies.

Songs by Santana, Classics IV and the Disney movie Beauty & The Beast were featured.

We did an Encore Presentation of a post about Acoustic Alchemy, one of my favorite bands.

My one-liner was from a comment made on one of my favorite websites, Apartment Therapy, which dealt with bedbugs.

I shared a podcast that I listen to that’s nothing but white noise. I don’t listen to many podcasts, and that’s one of them. Sometimes I think I should listen to more of them.

I announce the winner of my latest battle, which wonders if Christina Aguilera’s “Candyman” is better than The Mary Jane Girls’s, this Thursday. If you haven’t voted, you have until Thursday, when I announce the winner. Click on the icon above to listen and vote, Remember, you don’t have to run a battle to vote in one, so please, go over and vote.

This week, we counted down the Top 10 from WHYN, Springfield, Massachusetts, from 1975.

The prompt was “co.” I took the opportunity to discuss the Emergency Broadcast System, which TV and radio stations “voluntarily” cooperated with.

As the Guest Conductor this month, I have the participants spelling out “ROOT BEER” in song titles to honor the late, great Charles Elmer Hires, the person who brought root beer to the world, whose birthday is tomorrow. We’ll have another Smooth Jazz artist on Tuesday; I have an idea for a new theme, which I’ll probaby start in September. I’ll announce the winner of the Battle of the Bands on Thursday, and the rest of the week will look quite a bit like this one. Join us then!

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And that’s it for this edition of The Week That Was. See you in the funny papers!

8 thoughts on “The More Dog Days Week That Was

    1. That’s interesting, because they started out with the same menu and prices as McDonalds. (I mean, the owners thought they were building McDonalds, then found themselves shifting gears.) I think it’s great when a smaller business ends up turning out a higher-quality product than its bigger rival. Sometimes it’s that “we try harder” attitude that pays off.

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  1. We’ve been staying inside due to the poor air quality, plus the heat is miserable. I’ve noticed the air quality alerts showing up on my weather sources.


    1. They were forecasting thunderstorms this afternoon (Monday) and Mary said it was really humid outside, so maybe we’ll get some yet. You know summer here: it can be bright and sunny and all of a sudden the sky gets dark and the Emergency Alert System starts singing its song…

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  2. I’m glad you talk about Anissa Jones because I just always felt bad for her. I don’t know Sandy’s at all so I hey never made it up to my neck of the woods. I wonder how Christina would do with this song against the Andrew Sisters.


    1. Christina would definitely give the Andrews Sisters a run for their money.

      Sandy’s were primarily in the Midwest, and the greatest concentration was in central Illinois. Never made it to Chicago, where McDonalds is headquartered (well, Oak Brook, outside of Chicago).

      Anissa Jones was not that much younger than I am (only a couple of years). That’s what makes her death so tragic to me.


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