The Cooler and Less Humid Week That Was

This edition of The Week That Was is brought to you by Planter’s Potato Chips. When the chips are down, people prefer Planter’s!

Anyone ever have these? I honestly can’t remember them.

Remember how I was complaining about how hot it was last Sunday? Temperature right now here is 72° (22° C) and although they’re forecasting a high of 90° (32° C) I don’t think it’s going to get anywhere near that. Fall is definitely in the air, although here it could get back up to 90+ in a day or two. Or maybe after a week or two of 80° weather. Anyway, even if it’s a brief respite from the heat, I’ll take it. Here’s the summary for last week.

We were asked to come up with a song that had the name of another musician or group in the lyrics. I chose “Creeque Alley” by The Mamas & The Papas, because it mentions all sorts of musicians and groups in it.

For my last hurrah as the guest conductor for M4, I chose to do another musical acrostic, this one in honor of Charles Elmer Hires, the first brewer of root beer. I think everyone had fun with it.

For Week 27, I featured songs by Three Dog Night, Richard Harris, and Joni Mitchell.

Saxophonist Eric Marienthal was the featured artist. As I might have mentioned (and if I didn’t, sorry ’bout that), this Tuesday will be last week for the “Smooth Jazz” theme, because it’ll be a year. I’ll announce the next series on Tuesday.

I saw a line somewhere (can’t remember if it was Twitter, Lamebook, or read it on a blog) that I thought would give everyone a chuckle, and I would say it did just that.

This week, I talked about my inability to swim, because the prompt was to write a post in which the first and last sentence contained the word “swim.”

Christina Aguilera shut out The Mary Jane Girls in my latest battle. I’ll have another battle next Sunday and hope that doesn’t happen again.

Friday was the 30th anniversary of the last day for WLS as a Top 40 station, so I found a survey from August 23, 1980 (since they stopped issuing surveys at the end of 1982).

The assignment was to start and end the post with a preposition, and I think I did all right.

It’s the week before a holiday (for us, Labor Day, for our Canadian neighbors, Labour Day), so it’ll be a pretty much normal week here. As mentioned previously, I’ll announce the next theme for Two for Tuesday this Tuesday.

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And that’s it for this edition of The Week That Was. See you in the funny papers!

10 thoughts on “The Cooler and Less Humid Week That Was

  1. I guess Pringles won the war over Planters chips. Though Planters sure does have great peanuts. Wish that weather would keep coming our way. Still hot than Hades around here.


    1. All the Planter’s nuts are good, the peanuts in particular. Their cashews are fantastic, too, not to mention the mixed nuts (my personal favorites). I think they’ve got a couple of non-nut snacks, too (cheese balls and maybe pretzels), but their forte is nuts. My guess is that another company makes their non-nut snacks and Planter’s markets them under their name. Whatever…

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