More Words of Wisdom from Apartment Therapy #1LinerWeds

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I swear, I never thought of this before. In other words, it’s OK to be messy, as long as you’re organized about it. Makes sense.

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Those cops look like they were taken from Dick Tracy.

27 thoughts on “More Words of Wisdom from Apartment Therapy #1LinerWeds

  1. I really appreciate what you said because there is great intent in my messiness to be “organized”–it doesn’t always succeed, but “sometimes” must be sufficient…otherwise I’d come up with a better system πŸ™‚


  2. Spoken like a true collector. Or maybe I’m projecting as I come from a long line of serious collectors. My dad stored paperclips, rubber bands, twisty ties, and assorted other items in his old Rx bottles. He was an x marine and saved all kinds of stuff, so he had to be well-organized. I’m still learning.


  3. Back before we went paperless, I had a co-worker who’s desk was overrun by papers. Stacks and stacks of assorted memos, procedures, etc … but ask her for something and she’d find it in the piles within seconds.


  4. We used to joke about one of our daughters having a cluttered room but there was a curious sort of order about everything. So, yeah, I can relate.


    1. And if you were to go in and move anything, she’d know it, and if you rearranged her stuff the way you thought it should be, she’d be totally lost. I was kind of the same way.


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