Writer’s Workshop: TMI And Random Timely Stuff

One of those good news/bad new things. The good news is that I bought a new pair of Bluetooth headphones, ostensibly so I could use them to listen to music and videos on my phone while I’m sitting in the living room, so I don’t disturb Mary. The bad news is that, just this afternoon, I was listening to music on my desktop using my wired headphones, and all of a sudden I realize that I’m only hearing music through one earpiece. I tried some other music, thinking maybe the song I was listening to might only have audio in one ear, but after listening to several songs, I realized that the other earpiece was dead, and the headphones are no good. So I’m using my living room headphones in the office and will just have to use the dongle that came with my iPhone that’s supposed to replace the headphone jack.

Had a really bad night last night, between a backache and tightness in my groin. The latter has been going on for a couple of days, the former started when I started using a seat cushion that had given me this trouble before when I was trying to deal with the latter. If that weren’t enough, I was trying to push myself out of a chair last night and felt a pop in my rotator cuff. I spent most of the night compensating for one thing or another and got no sleep. Finally, at 7 I heard Mary get up, and she was able to bring me Aleve and sprayed Biofreeze on all affected areas. I’m popping Aleve like Tic Tacs, and I don’t really care what the package instructions say. Have I mentioned what a Godsend Mary is? If not, she’s a Godsend. Oh, and I did get enough sleep to keep me going until I go to bed tonight.

What a drag it is getting older…

Speaking of Tic Tacs, which my in-laws used to buy by the case, here are some commercials from around the world.

Let’s see, I saw English (from the US, England, and Australia), Dutch, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese (from Brazil), and either Czech or Hungarian. There were a couple of oldies from the ’80’s in there, too, including one with the British actor Geoffrey Palmer (he’s the one tying his hat on with his scarf).

Well, that’s all I got. Look at the time…

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    1. A dud ear wouldn’t surprise me at this point. I’ve been falling apart since 50. The good news is that the new headphones are Bluetooth, thus no wires to get tangled up in.


  1. I have a few pair of earphones that have one side dead, usually for me it is the left side. I use them when I am going for my walks so I will have one ear open to hear traffic, etc.


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