#1LinerWeds from Moe Howard

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When I was a kid, I thought The Three Stooges were hilarious. Now, I find them even funnier. Got this line from one of their shorts that played on MeTV recently.

One-Liner Wednesday is brought to you each week by Linda Hill and this station. Now a word about the new Video Computer System by Atari. More games, more fun!

I didn’t realize (or maybe didn’t remember) that the Atari et al. were out this early. This commercial dates from 1977.

17 thoughts on “#1LinerWeds from Moe Howard

  1. I don’t recall watching the Three Stooges often. I do remember flinching when they’d hit each other. And my brothers would be laughing hysterically.

    We had an Atari. The only game I remember was Pong.


    1. The slapping, eye-gouging and other acts of violence perpetrated on one another were all part of the game. The big worry was that we’d start doing it to one another, but they needn’t have….

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    1. A&C weren’t slapstick like the Stooges. We liked both, and the Marx Brothers, who were definitely a step up from the others. We never really saw any of the Martin & Lewis movies, but they sound like they’d be pretty funny.

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    1. Did you have an older brother? I’ve always heard that girls who like the Stooges typically have brothers who help them see the funny. Mary was an only child, so I kind of did the older brother thing for her. Still, she liked them pretty well when I met her. They were on every day after school and every kid in Chicago watched them (because there wasn’t a whole lot else on until the late ’60’s and then only in homes where they had a TV that could get UHF).


  2. I love the Stooges too! Catch em’ on cable once in a while. The Atari just brought back some of the best & worst memories. I loved the pinball game on it. I was in Junior High in 1977 so this was in my wheelhouse!


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