Look Away, Look Aweigh, Look Awhey… #socs

I worked for a company that made breadings for chicken and fish, among other things, and one of the first things I learned was that whey powder added to the breader would make that golden brown color that makes deep-fried foods look so tasty. Later I learned that whey powder was good when added to smoothies, and that protein powder like you buy at GNC was essentially whey powder.

Is GNC even still a thing anymore? I just checked and yes, it is. As of 2:30 on Friday, its stock is up 0.04 to $2 a share.

I weigh too much. I figure I need to lose 100 lb. (45 kg) before they’ll do any surgery on my knees. Nutri-system is too expensive and formal diets (e.g. the South Beach diet) are a pain in the ass. The last few days I’ve been trying to eat half of what I usually eat. So far, it’s too early to tell, but if I can get rid of the weight that way, that might be the best solution.

Finally, The Beatles with “Blue Jay Way,” from Magical Mystery Tour.

Stream of Consciousness Saturday is brought to you each week by Linda Hill and this station. Now a word about Sara Lee all-butter Chocolate Cake. Just because I’m me, I deserve Sara Lee!

I know, one minute I’m talking about needing to lose weight, the next I’m talking about all-butter cake…

21 thoughts on “Look Away, Look Aweigh, Look Awhey… #socs

  1. I had forgotten about “Blue Jay Way”.

    Losing weight is not easy, especially as we get older. I find cutting back and cutting carbs helps me. Good luck with your weight loss endeavors.


    1. “Blue Jay Way” was on “Magical Mystery Tour,” not generally considered one of The Beatles’ better efforts, either as a record or a movie.

      Losing weight is going to be a little rough, because I’m not very mobile and sit most of the time. But I’m sure I can do it. Thanks!

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  2. I’m trying to lose weight also…I’m walking an hour a day and drink a lot of water. I sit all day in my job.
    Great song…never hear that one much.


      1. That is what I was doing for a while but my knees are good and I’m thankful…back is bad but livable right now…it’s either good or I’m walking around like Groucho Marx some days. I had to do something to feel better. I work as an IT Director and sit all day…it’s made me very lazy.


  3. I didn’t remember the song but Magical Mystery Tour was too psychedelic for me. I’ve mentioned I’m following a keto plan by cutting out most carbs and sugars. Since March I’ve lost almost 40 pounds with no exercise other than walking the dog twice a day. It hasn’t been too difficult but there have been times when I really wanted a good dose of pasta! My husband worked for Sara Lee for about 18 years but it was in the coffee division so we got free coffee but no cake 😦 Nice stream. Happy Saturday.


    1. I’m hoping that I can lose a lot by just cutting back on how much I eat. I don’t eat that much as it is, so how much luck I’ll have with that is anyone’s guess, but I’ll find some way to get it off. I haven’t much choice…

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  4. As one who no longer tolerates dairy, I’ve noticed that whey is added to microwave meals that are supposed to be “healthy.” Like spaghetti and meatballs. So, I’ve given up most of the Lean Cuisine products and microwave meals in general.

    John, good luck to you. I found cutting back on the carbs and sugar helped me to a goal weight, but it’s whatever works for you. Cutting back on portion size is a great start.


  5. Trying to lose weight around here too. Half portions or even just a little less seems to work until we sabotage ourselves bringing Lays chips and Oreos into the house.


    1. That’s just it: we end up sabotaging ourselves. I think modifying my portions and going without some of the things I like might do the job. If I try a specific meal plan (e.g. keto, South Beach) I end up falling off the wagon because the meal ideas are generally pretty awful. So we’ll see what cutting down and eating regular food does for me.

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