The Friday 5×2: Cash Box, 4/19/1969

Last week, I featured Billboard‘s Hot 100, so this week I’ll share a Cash Box survey, this from April 1969.

  1. The Zombies, “Time Of The Season” A song that eventually made it to #1 on Cash Box. I profiled the Zombies here.
  2. Edwin Starr, “25 Miles” The lesser-known of Edwin’s Top 10 hits, the other being 1970’s “War.”
  3. Steppenwolf, “Rock Me” John Kay and crew were on a roll here, having already scored Top 10 hits with “Born To Be Wild” and “Magic Carpet Ride.” This wasn’t as big a hit as those were, and it was the last Top 10 they had.
  4. Jerry Butler, “Only The Strong Survive” “The Iceman” rarely crossed over from the R&B chart, which is a shame, because what a voice…
  5. Tommy Roe, “Dizzy” I had a friend who was really into Tommy Roe, for whatever reason. By this time, he was considered more a “bubblegum” artist, but he was actually a pretty good rocker.
  6. The Isley Brothers, “It’s Your Thing” These guys have been around forever and it’s not hard to see why.
  7. Glen Campbell, “Galveston” Jimmy Webb wrote it, Glen Campbell sang it, you know it’s going to be a hit. Still the unofficial theme song of Galveston, Texas.
  8. The Cowsills, “Hair” One of two songs in the Top 10 from the musical Hair. If “Easy To Be Hard” was here, there’d be three. Family acts were big during this period, and The Cowsills were one of the better ones.
  9. Blood, Sweat & Tears, “You’ve Made Me So Very Happy” BS&T became a hit machine after Al Kooper left and David Clayton-Thomas took over as lead singer. James William Guercio, who was also working with Chicago, produced their eponymous second album, from which three Top 10 singles were drawn, this being the first.
  10. The 5th Dimension, “Aquarius/Let The Sun Shine In” More Hair music. The 5th Dimension were another hit machine; it seemed like everything they did turned to gold.

And that’s The Friday 5×2 for September 20, 2019.

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  1. Love the set sorry I’m a day late in visiting,I don’t know what exactly I did,but I think I screwed myself royally yesterday and it took most day to fix 5 On friday is a day late as well and I did add you to it.🙂


  2. It’s sad…I guess but I know all of these songs and I was only two in 1969…I couldn’t name 2 songs in today’s top twenty…Cashbox or Billboard…of course, they have so many charts now…

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