Weekly Song Challenge, Round 33!

Time once again for Laura Venturini’s Weekly Song Challenge!

The Rules

  • Copy rules and add to your own post, pinging back to this post.
  • Post music videos for your answers to the musical questions.
  • Tag two people to participate!

The Songs

Post a video of your favorite song by any of these artists:… I choose Neil Diamond, “Forever In Blue Jeans.”

Post a hit song from the year you were born. #1 the day I was born (March 25, 1956): Les Baxter & His Orchestra, “The Poor People Of Paris.”

Post a video of a song that was popular the year you graduated from high school. Maria Muldaur, “Midnight At The Oasis.”

Your Turn!

You’re tagged if you want to be. Let’s see what you come up with!

8 thoughts on “Weekly Song Challenge, Round 33!

  1. Great songs! Hmmm….I would choose Benny and The Jets by Elton John. I will got with Hello Dolly by Louis Armstrong from 1964 and I graduated in 1982 so I choose Shake It Up by The Cars since The lead singer just passed away which is so sad.


    1. You know, you wouldn’t think Louis Armstrong would be a great singer, but he was. All the duets he did with Ella Fitzgerald, who’s probably the greatest female jazz singer ever, and they were perfect together. And his take on “La Vie En Rose” was tremendous.


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