Someone Explain Something To Me…

I looked at my dashboard and saw this under “most popular posts”:

Most of these make sense, because I posted them in the past week. The one that doesn’t make sense is the first on the list, this post from 2013. It has the most hits of the past week, and it was written almost seven years ago, about a year after I even started this blog.

I’m sure it’s someone having fun with his or her bot, and if I were to analyze the spam that I delete daily I’d probably see that many of the attempted ads for ED drugs, gym shoes, and porn were destined to be posted in the comments for this post. Which still doesn’t make any sense: why would they be attempting to post their comment spam to seven year old posts that no one (me included) visits anymore?

Maybe I should put a time limit on commenting and see what happens…

24 thoughts on “Someone Explain Something To Me…

  1. I am glad you posted this because even though I take a once in a while gander at my stats, etc., I don’t spend a lot of time trying to analyze. I am going to look at my stats and see if anything seems strange.


  2. I’m still a noob on WP so there is lots I don’t understand still. But over on Blogger I remember getting spikes which it told me were from Israel (lasted a few days) and from Russia (lasted weeks). That last one was a few hundred hits per day, on a particular post (nothing to do with Russia or politics), on a site which normally got a few tens of hits per day, all posts. They appeared in the statistics but never interacted with the blog, never a like or a comment, which made me think it was a bot.


  3. I had a post on I Love Lucy that talked about Ethel and Fred’s real-life relationship that was a year old hit over 2000 views in 2 days. I didn’t know what was going on and found out that someone had posted it on Reddit…I thought it was spam until I saw the Reddit at the bottom of the stats page.


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