15 thoughts on “#RocktoberFest: Carl Perkins, “Matchbox”

  1. I hadn’t heard this one before, but I really like it! Put a little boogie in my step today and got me moving (and I really needed that today!) Thanks for the great share!


    1. The Beatles covered the song, with Ringo singing and George playing lead guitar, but the original by Carl is hard to come by if you aren’t looking for it. Speaking of people having a good time…

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  2. Carl Perkins was, sadly, underrated in this country. He was a huge influence on numerous guitarists, including George Harrison.

    Trivia about this song in particular: the day it was recorded in Memphis was when the “Million Dollar Quartet” happened. Elvis dropped by with a Christmas gift for Sam Phillips, Johnny Cash came by to get an advance on royalties to buy gifts for his family, and a young Jerry Lee Lewis was being paid $15 to play piano on “Matchbox.”


  3. Wow! I love this especially when greats get together. Makes me miss the Travelling Wilburys, this is fun and love the guitar in this and Carl Perkin’s hair….is that real?😸


    1. Ringo did the best version of “Matchbox” I heard, but then it was when he was with The Beatles and George was playing guitar. George looked up to Carl like I looked up to George.


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