Share Your World for October 7, 2019

Melanie has all the rules on her blog, in case you think you’d like to play along. And I hope you do.

Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat) a good thing, a bad thing or a mixture of both?

It has its uses. Twitter is useful during times of severe weather, and I enjoy the pictures on Instagram. I avoid it otherwise. So I’d say a mixture of both, leaning toward bad.

Are you camera shy or do you pose for the camera with confidence?

I’m not camera shy, but I don’t like having my picture taken.

Is there anything you’ve kept from younger years for sentimental reasons alone?

I have a couple of things that are currently missing (hopefully not gone for good). One is a Godzilla cigarette lighter that Mary gave me when the Godzilla movie turned 30 (1985). Another is “The Blob,” which requires some explanation: In Chicago, there was a kids’ show called Cartoon Town. The host, Bill Jackson, was a very artistic person: in addition to making all the puppets that appeared on the show, he could draw just about any cartoon, and was adept at molding clay. He had a large lump of clay that sat on a pedestal that he would mold into various shapes (one day it was a horse, another day it was a rocket ship, etc.). He called it Blob.

Bill Jackson and Blob (source: Click for full size.

Anyway, once when I was working at the bank, the administrator made the mistake of ordering kneaded erasers. I grabbed a bunch of them and kneaded them all together, and my cubemate drew and cut out eyes and a mouth and we stuck it to the lump of erasers, and it became The Blob. I’ve had it for almost 40 years, although I can’t find it now.

Do you like to decorate for different holidays?

No. For many years, we had a bunch of cats that see all that stuff as toys, and we didn’t want to tempt them. Besides, you have to have a place to store all that stuff, and you have to get it out, put it up, then take it down and put it away. No thanks.

Do you feel you’re a strong person character-wise?

I guess so….

See you in the funny papers!

17 thoughts on “Share Your World for October 7, 2019

  1. Great answers. I catch a lot of breaking political news on twitter — that sounds flighty or irresponsible or something but those folks are ON IT when it comes to current events.


    1. No, that’s really what it’s good for. I use it to track severe weather. For me, I track #gawx and #atlwx (Georgia and Atlanta weather, respectively). It’s really useful.


  2. It’s fun to see the Cartoon Town reference. I always knew the show as “The BJ and Dirty Dragon Show”, its later title. I was the main reason I bothered with UHF; out in Carpentersville, we couldn’t receive all of the UHF stations available.

    Sadly, whenever I tell people about the show, the title often sends their minds straight to the gutter. 🙂 I think I’ll start calling it “Cartoon Town”.


    1. When it started in 1968 (also when we started watching it) it was called Cartoon Town. Before that, BJ had a show on channel 2 called “Clown Alley” that ran weekday mornings where he was Freckles the Clown (complete in makeup). On Sunday, it was called “Here Comes Freckles” and he had a small audience of kids. One week Kip was in the audience and was chosen to play a character called “Mr. Muscle.”

      32 was about the only UHF channel we could receive clearly, and we lived in the city (Rogers Park on the far north side). When we moved to the suburbs we had an outside antenna and we got all the UHF channels then. The only one we never got clearly was channel 7: their transmitter was at Marina City. When it moved to the Hancock building, reception got better. I don’t know if you remember the commercials with John Coleman standing (through the aid of trick photography) atop the Hancock singing “you can see clearly now, the shadow’s gone…”


      1. I remember John Coleman, including him doing an entire weather segment standing on his head. I don’t remember the John Hancock bit, though.


        1. You know, now that I think about it, it might have been the Sears Tower, because the commercials were right around the time it was completed. I never saw the forecast where he stood on his head, but I’ve heard about it…


          1. That would explain why I don’t remember … Wikipedia says the Tower was completed in September of 1973. We left Chicagoland for Maryland in early October 1973.

            It’ll always be the Sears Tower to me. 🙂


            1. Just like the store at Randolph and State will always be Marshall Field’s and the store at 1 South State will always be Carson Pirie Scott & Co. I’m a veteran of both stores, and actually saw Mary in a training class at Field’s before I actually met her…


  3. Your answers were interesting! I used to work in a bank, also. Two different ones, in fact. I am thinking about applying for a job at my credit union now. My job in retail is actually pretty cushy, but it would be nice to get a bit more pay, a few more hours, and be a bit closer to home – although I don’t mind a commute at all, traffic problems can make it difficult sometimes.



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