29 thoughts on “#RocktoberFest: The Dave Clark 5, “You Got What It Takes”

  1. Band broke up in 1970. You couldn’t buy their music in the 70’s and 80’s cause Dave Clark refused to license it. He still won’t license most of it it to Spotify, but you can find the songs on iTunes.


    1. Funny thing, I was just watching a video on YouTube that talks about the licensing issues. I just put another post out there and shared the video. Thanks for the information, and yes, I gave you credit. 🙂


  2. John,

    DC5 is a groovy 60s band! For years I knew their mewsic but always thought they were someone else and it wasn’t until I began blogging that I got turned around. I don’t remember this song, so it’s was great to listen to it for the first time. DH and I were talking the other day how groups don’t use horns much in their arrangements or even a full orchestra like they did from the 60s-80s and maybe a little in the 90s. Groups today can learn a thing or two from artists from the past. Great #RMF choice!


    1. The trend is more to minimal instrumentation today. You’ll have a drum machine and a synthesizer of some sort that can be made to sound like everything else, at least in popular music. (And for the usual reason — $) It can get close to the sound of the real instruments, but can’t match it. Kind of sad, really. I feel for the bass players and horn players…


  3. There were the most looked over band of the British invasion for what they accomplished. They had a huge sound. When I heard Glad All Over I was hooked in the late 70s. My best friend’s dad had the original single…we wore it out.


    1. They were at least as popular as The Beatles, sometimes even more so. They had a great sound and excellent material, and they were gifted musicians. By the end of the ’60’s they were almost forgotten. Go figure…

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      1. The only reason I would think they faded out is because they really didn’t change with the times but that makes no difference in why they are not as remembered now… even as much as the Herman Hermits…so no I don’t get it.


    1. As popular as they were back in the day, they’ve been all but forgotten. It’s a shame, too, because they had a great sound and did some great songs. There was an article on MeTV.com (https://metv.com/lists/6-rock-bands-huge-in-the-60s-but-largely-forgotten-today) that suggests that the problem had to do with licensing rights, which must have been worked out, because you can get all their music on Spotify and YouTube and probably other streaming services as well.

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