Some Dave Clark 5 Follow-Up

We’ve talked a lot today about the Dave Clark 5, who were very popular in the ’60’s, then seemed to fall off the radar. Songbird left a comment that the reason you couldn’t buy their music during the ’70’s and ’80’s was because Dave Clark wouldn’t license it. She also mentioned that their music isn’t available on Spotify (some of it is now) but that a lot of it is available on iTunes.

In a rare moment of synchronicity, I was just watching this video on YouTube. Fil, who runs the Wings of Pegasus channel (which is excellent, by the way, and which you can spend many hours on before you know it), did a video about the band and gives a little more insight on what happened. Here it is, if you’re interested.

10 thoughts on “Some Dave Clark 5 Follow-Up

  1. Thanks for sharing…if he knew downloading was coming he probably would have released his stuff in the 80s more I would believe….he probably got a great deal in 93 though.


    1. I’m sure he did, but by then no one really cared. Even now, there’s just the Greatest Hits collection that’s been released. He has yet to release the full catalog.

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