A “Wednesday For My Wife” Story for #1LinerWeds

Chicago-Style Chicken Vesuvio. Source: Proud Italian Cook

Mary loves this story about my father, and asked me to tell it, and since it also fits the qualifications for One-Liner Wednesday (or it can be made to fit), here it is.

Dad inherited his mother’s stomach. She developed such bad ulcers after her husband died that she ended up having most of her stomach removed. Dad never required surgery for his ulcers, but was cautioned to watch the spicy food and alcohol and not to eat to excess to prevent painful repercussions. This was advice he usually followed.

One night, he and Mom went out to dinner with some friends to an Italian restaurant. Dad was in a particularly good mood, and according to Mom, went overboard: two or three Martinis before dinner, antipasto, Chicken Vesuvio (which, as the name implies, contains a lot of spices, particularly garlic), several glasses of Chianti with dinner, coffee and several shots of B&B (Benedictine and Brandy) after dinner, and a dessert that contained fresh fruit.

Needless to say, within an hour of arriving home, the Chicken Vesuvio (and everything else) erupted, and Dad spent a good half hour in the bathroom heaving his guts out. Having flushed a good portion of the feast he had eaten down the toilet, he stumbled into the bedroom, and said to Mom (whose nickname was Bunny),

Now Bunny, you know I shouldn’t eat fresh fruit!

Long after Dad died, Mom told that story and laughed as hard as she must have that night.

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28 thoughts on “A “Wednesday For My Wife” Story for #1LinerWeds

  1. That’s fantastic! I’m glad you shared it. So many times we’ll abuse our bodies for pleasure of taste, especially in celebration. So human — the curry is worth it, etc 😛


  2. Bwahahaha I shouldn’t laugh though the poor man must’ve been in pain, but still had a sense of humor. Awesome and a great story! I must say I had to giggle too at that remark! 🙂 Thanks for sharing John. Great story! Reminded me of my dad he was the same way!


  3. Pretty funny, John. My husband had ulcers so bad he had to have part of his stomach removed as well. I remember those nights (sometimes days) of agony he went through before the surgeries – he had two.


  4. Hi John – what a great story … and wonderful she was still laughing … fun read – thank you … cheers Hilary


  5. That certainly sounds like your father! He probably was dead serious thinking the fruit was the problem.


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