I’m actually kind of pleased with the results of the last battle, where both songs were pretty well evenly matched, so I decided to try to do it again. Today we have two different songs named “Hey You” by two hard rock bands that were recorded in 1980 (though one wasn’t released until 2001).

Thin Lizzy

From their 1980 album Chinatown.


This wasn’t on any Scorpions album until the 2001 remaster of their 1980 album Animal Magnetism.

So, there are our contestants. You instructions haven’t changed since the last battle:

  1. Listen to the two songs.
  2. Decide which song you like the best.
  3. Vote for your favorite by leaving me a comment with your choice. If you feel like telling us why, feel free.
  4. Then, visit the other participants and vote in their Battles:

Remember, anyone can vote in these battles. You only need to be sure and get your vote to me by next Tuesday, October 22, at which point I’ll tally the votes and determine the winner.

The lines are now open. Good luck to Thin Lizzy and Scorpions!

13 thoughts on “BATTLE OF THE BANDS: “Hey You”

  1. John,

    I’m not familiar with either ‘Hey You’ song. I giving my vote to Thin Lizzy because I enjoyed the vocals far better than the girlie sound of Scorpion. I’m sorry for the late visit but as you know I’m on vacation with DH. Have a good weekend, my friend!

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  2. Let me start this off by saying that I LOVE the Scorpions SO much, and this was so different from anything I’ve ever heard from them. However, Thin Lizzy gets my vote. Mostly just because I like the way theirs sounds so much more. I would never have guessed the second band as the Scorpions! I am glad their sound evolved into what it is today – powerful, with a solid musical sound and big, unapologetic vocals.


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  3. I’m a huge Scorpions fan, but don’t remember this song at all. The Thin Lizzy song is also unfamiliar. I like that one better; it has more substance. Sorry, Scorps; I still love you!

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  4. JOHN ~
    I was a huge fan of Thin Lizzy when in my teens – I nearly played the grooves off their ‘Bad Reputation’ album! But as I got older, I gradually lost interest in most Hard Rock, including Thin Lizzy.

    This is actually the first time I’ve heard either of these songs, and as I suspected I might, I preferred Thin Lizzy because of Phil Lynott’s vocals, which sound appropriately male.

    ~ D-FensDogG

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  5. I like both of these groups and both songs sound pretty good to me. Both songs have a similarity in sound that goes beyond the title. All things taken into account I’m going to cast my vote for Thin Lizzy–greater depth to their song I think.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

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