17 thoughts on “RocktoberFest: Steam, “Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye”

    1. Steam was an appropriate name for the band, because they were just a bunch of studio musicians and there wasn’t actually a band until this proved to be a hit, and none of the guys on the record were part of the traveling band. I like to think that Nancy Faust, who played the organ at White Sox games for many years, helped keep this a popular song, because she’d play it whenever an opposing pitcher was knocked out of the game, especially after he had been roughed up by the South Side Hi Men…

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    1. Nancy Faust, who was the organist for the White Sox, would play it as an opposing pitcher was leaving the mound after being roughed up. I think they still do it even though she retired (after 40 or so years; she was young when she started).

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  1. Funny this was going to be the B side… fun song…I remember our high school band doing this one.


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