Sadaharu Oh, Oh, Oh It’s Magic #socs

Sadaharu Oh. Source: eBay

Oh Sadaharu, or Sadaharu Oh if you prefer, hit more home runs than anyone else in professional baseball, 868 over a 22-year career with the Yomiuri (Tokyo) Giants in the Nippon Professional Baseball League. He never hit more than 55 in a season, but enjoyed good health for most of his career and never hit fewer than 30 starting in his fourth professional season (1962).

“OH” is important to me, because otherwise I’d be JN.

From 1975, Pilot with their big hit “Magic,” where they say “oh” a lot…

Guess this badge gets retired after this week. Thanks again to Pamela, who seems to have pulled a Mandrake shortly after winning last year’s badge contest. Be sure and check Linda’s blog on Thursday to vote on next year’s badge. I won’t be doing one, since I ended up dead last last year, and the badges I’ve seen so far are amazing…

Stream of Consciousness Saturday is brought to you each week by Linda Hill and this station. Now a word about 7up, The Uncola!

Whatever happened to 7up? They still sell it, but I never see ads for it and haven’t seen it in a machine in I don’t know how long…

24 thoughts on “Sadaharu Oh, Oh, Oh It’s Magic #socs

  1. My brother would know all about the Japanese baseball hoopla. See, I don’t even know how to say this correctly. I love this song and never even realized how often they stayed ooh. .


  2. My first SoCS for today, the one that disappeared, actually had that same music video at the end. It’s funny that I never paid much attention to the lyrics besides the chorus, so I read the lyrics. Not much there, but it was still a memorable hit. One of my favorites.


  3. Maybe some day the World Series will include teams from outside the US. Thanks for reminding us that our national pastime is being played elsewhere and they aren’t just grooming kids for our teams. Love the 7-Up commercial, John. Have a great weekend.


    1. Baseball seems to be getting popular in Australia, and has been for some time in Korea and Taiwan as well as Japan. Who knows? You already have the World Baseball Classic, so maybe things go from there.

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      1. haha, yes. Baseball is not played here but we know a lot of the US teams just as quiz answers. Not so much the players.

        There is/was an English version of baseball. The diamond is in the center of the field and the ball can be hit anywhere. It is pitched underarm. I vaguely remember you got a point per base, rather than per home run. I think it was 2-innings long. I used to play in my schooldays.

        Check out if you like your sport.


          1. I’m not sure about rounders. I think that might be different again. That might be played in schools, but neither rounders nor the game I describe is particularly popular here. I did work at one place where they played softball in one of the London parks but the manager was a New Yorker.

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