20 thoughts on “#RocktoberFest: Lesley Gore, “You Don’t Own Me”

  1. My kids know this song from a movie, too. “First Wives Club”. They love it.

    I saw Leslie in concert a number of years ago, like 1989, part of a 60’s revival tour. Concert also included Lou Christie, Johnny Maestro and a number of other acts.

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    1. I saw her a couple of years later, at a similar oldies show, run by the local oldies station (sadly, no longer playing oldies). The only act besides Lesley I remember is Paul Revere & The Raiders.


    1. I was forgetting things before the stroke, so it doesn’t worry me as much. I find if I relax and don’t think about it, my subconscious has this tendency to come up with it…

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      1. I pride myself on my memory so it annoys me when I forget. But yeah, some things around the immediate time of the stroke, I just have to let go. I know I put something out in the garage, say, but don’t have a clue where.
        I’ve got this nagging little voice in my head about this saying Dirty Dancing – so I might have to put that on my watch list to satisfy my curiousity. If it is in the film, it never made the soundtrack album.

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