12 thoughts on “#RocktoberFest: Every Mother’s Son, “Come On Down To My Boat Baby”

    1. I think it was ’67… no, I know it was ’67, because I remember my cousin playing it after we had gone to a travel agent so Mom could book a trip for us to California, which would have been after Dad died. The Association was big around that time, too.


  1. My cousin gave me this single when I was a kid in the mid-seventies. I would listen to it over and over…love it.


    1. As I was deciding what songs to feature, I was just coming up with songs off the top of my head. Don’t ask me how that one came to mind, but I like it…


    1. As I remembered the song, I added it to my list. When I had enough songs, I did all the blog posts. I did them all in one day and scheduled them, which is why there’s none of my usual blather about the songs or the artists.

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