Writer’s Workshop: What Dreams May Come

First, an announcement: this is post #3000 here on The Sound Of One Hand Typing!

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I’ve talked about sleep and dreams here before (here and here, for starters). I’ve mentioned that I think dreams result from the mind performing maintenance on itself, and I’ve talked about some of the weird and vivid dreams I have had.

I realized when I woke up this morning that there was something missing from having dreams: continuity. Have you ever awakened from a dream at an inopportune time, before something big was about to happen, and wished that you were able to resume that dream where you left off, kind of like a movie you’re streaming, to find out what happens next? Or had a dream that was populated with so many cool people that you wish you could have them return in another dream? Maybe even mix the casts from two or more dreams in a brand new one?

Of course, from what we know about dreams — that we dream all night and only remember a portion of them — it’s possible that already happens.

Okay, how about this: when I’m having an especially good dream, suppose I opened Evernote in the dream and noted everything I liked about it (names, places, events etc.) so that, when I woke up, all my notes would be in Evernote for me? And, as an added bonus, I could not only document the dreams I could remember, but the dreams that I couldn’t…

In one of my dreams from last night, there were two cats, an orange tabby and a tuxedo. As I remember, they were huge. I’d definitely want to run into them again.

Pleasant dreams, everyone…

25 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop: What Dreams May Come

  1. When they’re pleasant, I often wake before the ending of such a dream and, yes, try to force myself back to sleep to see how things work out. I can’t and never find out.

    Bad dreams, however, the dang episodes have no problem in continuing right after the commercial break. Sometimes, they return on another night for a nightmare recap.

    But, after we recently lost our beloved cat, Dale, I did have a few feline dreams; the last one I can remember just involved him scooting away and I awoke to a faint “meow” that was no longer in our home. Perhaps it was his farewell.


  2. I have had dreams like that and couldn’t get back to them while other dreams I did and didn’t want to! Last night I dreamed of my dad and mom. My mom was upset again and confused and my dad was not happy. My hubby was trying to fix the rooms and there were moths and ants. Blechhh


  3. 3,000 posts – congratulations! Some of my dreams I love and some I can do without. The good dreams, I would like to last longer but they fade away quickly.


  4. I’m a dreamer myself, literally. I dream every time I sleep, and I remember a good many, if not most of them. I keep meaning to keep a dream journal, though I don’t think it will work for us like your Evernote suggestion! It’s just been so frustrating to try to find meaning in some of the recurring ones. Everything I find on the internet is conflicting, and I’ve sort of gotten in the habit of just trying to “feel” for myself what they might mean, if anything.

    It is always disappointing to wake up from a good one and not be able to to pick up where you left off.



  5. Yes, I’ve definitely been disappointed upon waking up before only to realize I didn’t get to finish a good dream! Sometimes I’ll lay there and try to slowly reimagine the dream and give it the ending it deserves. 🙂 I would welcome a dream that consists of fat cats! It sounds like I might be getting a new litter of kittens this weekend. We’ll see! Congrats on 3,000!!


    1. We could never foster a litter of kittens. Mary and I fall in love too easily. I’ve tried to finish dreams like that, and somehow it never works. Nevertheless, I’ll try again.


  6. I admire your tenacity! I recently was awakened from a dream I was very much enjoying. I was unreasonably grumpy for way too long that morning!


  7. Holy 3000!! Congrats!!! I like all your ideas about keeping your dreams, but would love to have a dream about some giant cats. Bring on the purrfest!!!


  8. Congrats on 3000 posts!!! WOW!!! I often wish I could capture notes during my dreams. Last night I had wild and crazy ones about bee nests. Your cat dream sounds intriguing and scary. I’ve had those too – then I realized it was real and my extra-redundant fluff cat was sitting on me trying to wake me for breakfast. 😉


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