The National Black Cat Day Week That Was

This edition of the Week That Was is brought to you by Pop Rocks candy. The cracklin’s what’s happenin’!

It’s been an okay week. We’ve had a lot of inclement weather, and when I wake up in the morning I think it’s about 8 when in fact it’s 9:30, and I’m still tired. Maybe all those all-nighters in college are finally catching up on me. I published the 3000th post on the blog on Thursday, so I’m pretty proud of that. I also changed browsers, because Firefox has been acting funny since the Catalina (operating system, MacOS 10.15) install. I’m now using Safari, which I don’t especially like, but I figure it’ll work better than anything else. And, for the most part, it has. Bluetooth has also been giving me fits since Catalina; it was working fine up until then, so I guess I’ll just have to wait for 10.15.1 and see if that solves it. Although, the laptop has given me no trouble, so maybe it’s a hardware issue: this Mac Mini is seven years old and can’t be expanded, but I can’t justify another desktop: if push comes to shove, I’ll just use the laptop.

Enough going on about computer stuff. Here’s the summary.

Last week’s prompt was “lean/sit/stand,” and my choice of songs was The Rooftop Singers’ “Walk Right In” from 1962. Theirs was a rework of a song done in 1929 by Gus Cannon, and I included a recording of that one.

We celebrated October 21 birthdays for the freebie week.

Songs by Jack Blanchard and Misty Morgan, Glen Campbell, and Django Reinhardt were featured.

We covered the topics of talking to oneself, gravity, the mind/matter dichotomy, whether vegans or vegetarians should eat animal crackers, and what I would not like to see in a dark alley.

I presented an encore presentation of a Thursday Ten post which talked about Mike Post, who’s written about two-thirds of all TV themes, or at least that’s the way it seems.

Thin Lizzy’s “Hey You” slaughtered Scorpions’ song of the same name. So much for aiming for a tie.

This week’s one-liner was from the Lamebook Instagram account and dealt with disagreeing with signs.

The topic was sleep and dreams and addressed the whole topic of techniques for remembering dreams.

We looked at WAEB in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania and their Top 10 for 1971, comparing it to Billboard‘s Hot 100 for that year. Interesting how much of a difference there was between the two.

We inaugurated the new badge (see above) with stream of consciousness riffing on the word “dress.” I was all over the place with it, talking about watching my parents getting ready to go out Saturday night, what we would do on Saturday nights, and what Mary and I do on Saturday night these days.

From what I gather, I introduced people to all kinds of new music this week:

Tomorrow, the topic is “Songs of Season. You can celebrate Halloween or autumn or BOTH!” Be sure and tune in and find out what I come up with, because right now I haven’t a clue. I’ll feature another TV composer on Tuesday, anorther humorous one-liner on Wednesday, find another old radio survey and play the Top 10, and respond to whatever prompts are thrown at me. Rocktober ends this Thursday, and I think I mentioned all the bands will be from Chicago, so be prepared to hear some new-to-you music. We’ll do another Battle of the Bands this Friday, since it’ll be November 1. In other words, no big deal.

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And that’s a wrap on this edition of The Week That Was. See you in the funny papers!

8 thoughts on “The National Black Cat Day Week That Was

  1. I use Chrome for blogging, however, I feel Firefox is a safer site to use. I haven’t had any problems with Firefox 70.0 and love Duckduckgo.


    1. Firefox is better security-wise, but the popularity of Chrome means that some sites will only work with it and that the plugins (e.g. Evernote) will always work. For some reason Firefox was acting up with Catalina, so I switched to Safari because I figured it was Apple and they’d make sure it worked with their operating system. I change browsers regularly, so I’ll probably be on to something else in a few months…

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  2. You don’t use Chrome? I use that mostly and Safari for a few things. I have finally been able to upgrade to Catalina because the software I need for my typing is now compatible, plus I found a new tool, Express Scribe, that I can use even easier. Thank goodness because my phone and my computers weren’t playing together anymore!


    1. Google’s misuse of information they collect turned me off of Chrome. I switched to Firefox, which works really well, but that started running very slow and doing crazy stuff, so I moved to Safari, thinking that, since Apple designed it to work the best with MacOS, it’d do the best. So far, so good, but I’m sure in 6-12 months I’ll be using Opera or Vivaldi…

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