20 thoughts on “#RocktoberFest: Chicago, “Questions 67 & 68”

    1. They seriously considered disbanding after Terry’s death, and frankly, I wish they had. Not that they haven’t had great moments since then, but Terry was the heart and soul of the band. It just ain’t the same without him.

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  1. They are lucky that Chicago didn’t start charging them like the state of Kentucky does. No more Neil Diamond Kentucky Woman on the radio or in concert because the charges he would have had to pay were too much. I read that KFC reached a settlement with the state so they can go back to being Kentucky Fried Chicken again.


    1. This was off their first album, and in fact was the first single they released, which went exactly nowhere. After they got a little more recognized they reissued it and it did well.


  2. John,

    Chicago was one of my favorite bands from the 70s and 80s. They’ll always have a special place in my heart. Gone are the days of mewsician with this kind of talent. Wouldn’t it be great to see a surge of new artists/bands performing like these old classic bands?

    <a href=”https://curiousasacathy.com/2019/10/reflections-rmf/Reflections #RMF


    1. You’ll never see it, and here’s why: record company executives are more interested in quantity than quality, preferably quantity that’s cheap to produce. Why produce an album with a seven-piece band when you can get a teenaged girl who can more or less sing over a drum machine and synthesizer and autotune the voice so that everything is flawless, for about a tenth the cost? Not to say that there aren’t great bands out there; they just aren’t getting the attention. Yes, it would be great to see another period in music history that was like the ’50’s, ’60’s, ’70’s and ’80’s, but it’s going to involve music executives changing their ways. We can always hope.

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  3. I always liked this song when I heard it, John, but I don’t think I ever knew the title. When I saw what you had chosen, I though, “what pile is John digging in today?” Great choice!


    1. It was on their first album, “The Chicago Transit Authority,” which was the name of the band when they recorded it. The actual CTA, who run the buses and rapid transit lines in the city, threatened to sue, so they changed the name to Chicago, figuring the city wouldn’t sue them…

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      1. Oh I never realised there actually was a link with Chicago. I loved it when I goe a machine that could record tape-to-tape, ended up copying loads of stuff, I think 16 and 17 among them. But I did have their “best of” album on mp3, which I’ve been listening to today.


        1. All but one of the original members (I think Robert Lamm) were from Chicago (an old girlfriend went to school with Jim Pankow’s sister).

          I regret my more impetuous years when I unceremoniously dumped my stereo equipment, which included a tape deck that could dub from tape to tape.

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          1. Yeah, I miss one or two cassettes, mainly compilations that people made for me. A few more LPs, because a lot of my reggae stuff was only ever released on vinyl, but mostly I moved to CDs and then to digital. I’m not overly nostalgic because I recognise the convenience of having something like 1000 albums on my phone, a bluetooth speaker, and so on.


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