N-V-T-S! #socs

Seeing that the prompt for this week was “nuts” reminded me of this scene from Mel Brooks’s History of the World, Part 1.

The woman, of course, is Bea Arthur, before her gig in The Golden Girls, while the agent is Ron Carey, after his gig in Barney Miller. And you all recognize Mel.

Bob Newhart once said that his first job out of college was working for the Illinois Unemployment Department, where he made $75 a week processing claims for guys who were getting $100 a week in benefits. He decided that was nuts. (If the numbers seem low, it was 60 years ago, when $75 a week was good money. It’s the equivalent of $657.23 today, which is $34,176 a year or $16.43 an hour. Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Did you know peanuts are not nuts? They’re legumes. Nuts grow on trees, peanuts grow in the ground.

I spent some time in Monroe, Louisiana back when I was working. There are a lot of pecan trees there, and the way you harvest them is to wait for them to fall on the ground then pick them up with a device that looks like a pooper-scooper. The place I worked had lots of pecan trees on the property, and during the harvest season you would see people out on the lawn picking up pecans. Most pecans come from Georgia, Texas, and New Mexico, but their technical name is Carya illinoinensis, so they grow a few in Illinois.

There’s a guy named Charlie who lives in Palmetto, Georgia, who takes pecans and coats them with things like brown sugar, cinnamon, and orange flavoring, or if you prefer Worcestershire sauce, seasoned salt, and hot sauce. He then sells them at craft fairs during the Christmas season as “Charlie Makes U Nuts!” He does good business, too, because the nuts are really tasty. I thought he had a website, but I guess not. All the high schools and a few churches in the area have craft fairs, so he spends a lot of time around here around the holidays. They’re really good!

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30 thoughts on “N-V-T-S! #socs

  1. I had a hunch that Mel would show up in your post!! LOL. I like the tidbits you shared about nuts, very creative take on the prompt!!


  2. I spent a lot of time in Monroe, La. My mother’s sister and my uncle lived there. This was waaaaayyy back!! I also spent a lot of time in New Orleans and Baton Rouge. Tis interesting because the time I spent in Louisiana when I was young was for my mother and her family. Later on, in the late 80s and early 90s, I spent time there because of my business.

    Wow, pecans, Mel Brooks, Bob Newhart, and Bea Arthur! What a plethora of fun stuff!


    1. Did your aunt and/or uncle work for Delta? That was where it started, believe it or not, and I understand that’s where they hold their annual meeting.


    1. The opiates in the coca leaves? I guess they had eliminated that from the formula by then. Apparently, the actual formula is locked in the safe at their corporate office here in Atlanta.


  3. Love all things Mel Brooks. Good seeing Bea Arthur. And then there’s Maude.
    Sugared pecans are the best. We make them here if we have a good enough crop.


  4. When I was attending UGA (freshman year only) I filled a duffel bag with pecans from a local warehouse for next to nothing. I took them home at Thanksgiving break and sold them to the ladies in the women’s social group at our church. Carpetbagger πŸ™‚

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