Song of the Day: Annette Funicello, “Pineapple Princess”

I’m going through old surveys and looking for songs that look interesting, and I turned this gem up. It’s by Annette Funicello, the first (and for my money the only) Disney Princess. “Pineapple Princess” was written by Robert and Richard Sherman (who wrote the music for many Disney movies, most notably Mary Poppins), and released in summer 1960. It reached the top 15 on all the major US charts (Billboard, Cashbox, Music Vendor) and many radio station surveys.

11 thoughts on “Song of the Day: Annette Funicello, “Pineapple Princess”

  1. That’s kind of a weird song, but it’s a relic of an era. I used to go see every movie Annette put out. Ever virginal Annette–the heart throb of many a young lad back in the day.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


      1. I sespect the searches will only bring back those vids that will actually play in our region, so we’re fighting a losing battle when we want to share things globally.
        It’s utter nonsense on a 50yo song that we can both listen to anyway.


        1. Especially one that a lot of people forgot all about it. You’d think they’d be happy to know someone was interested in listening to it, but you’d be wrong. There are too many lawyers and not enough for them to do…

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