Share Your World for November 5, 2019

I haven’t shared my world yet! Melanie will start emailing me, wondering why I haven’t. Actually, I think I said a couple of weeks ago that I’d be doing these on Tuesday in order to spread out how many posts I do a little more equitably. Tuesday was starting to get jealous of Monday…

  1. What is the meaning of true love? Not to get all religious, but God’s love for His people. Honestly, I don’t think any of us is capable of true love. We can get close, but we have limitations.

  2. Do acts of kindness have a motive? Of course. Everything a person does is motivated by something, otherwise they wouldn’t do it. Now, the question is, is the motive a good one or a bad one? And that’s a judgment call.

  3. If we live in a civilized world why do we see so many distinctions between rich and poor? In an ideal world, with everything else being equal (the ceteris paribus fallacy), it would be enough to say “the rich do things to make themselves rich, the poor do things that keep them poor.” Since we don’t live in a perfect world, we have to consider “the rich want to be powerful, the powerful want to be rich.” In this world, wealth and power go hand in hand: money attracts power and vice versa.

  4. Do we love ourselves more in the virtual world than in the real world? I’m assuming that by the “virtual” world we aren’t necessarily talking the world of bits and bytes, but a world where everything goes our way, i.e. in our imagination. My life has been, and continues to be, fantastic in my head, because I haven’t made any mistakes there. It’s the ideal world I talked about above. Faced with a situation, I always make the right choice, and everything goes my way. I’m the guy I’d love to be. I get everything right because I screwed everything up in the real world. It’s a struggle, but I try to love the real world self as much as the virtual world self. I think that’s true for everyone. But, what do I know?

  5. Are you grateful? Yes. Being knocked on my ass by a stroke made me realize that I didn’t appreciate what I had like I should have. I was taking life for granted rather than truly appreciating the gift that every day is. I still struggle, but I think in general I’m grateful.

That’s all for now. See you in the funny papers!

16 thoughts on “Share Your World for November 5, 2019

  1. I really loved #4 answer.
    Also, it’s such a shame how much we all take for granted. We’re doing it right now, but we don’t know it YET. I’m glad you’re grateful — I’m always grateful for grateful people, especially on WP πŸ™‚


  2. I love your answers and can’t add except for #1because I would say a mother for a child but there are exceptions as we know. We know that God got quite angry with us at times…Noah and the flood where even babies died although not mentioned.


  3. Well hearty congratulations on overcoming your post-stroke status. It sounds as if it were a severe one, and not the milder ones some people I know IRL have suffered. Thank you for Sharing Your World! I would miss you if you didn’t chime in each week! πŸ˜€ There’s another blogger who has chosen Tuesday as their SYW Day. Any day is fine though. I actually got some replies to older SYWs (we’re talking months after the fact) in September. I thought WordPress had slipped a cog, but no. It was someone catching up on the SYWs they wanted to do! πŸ™‚

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    1. I had a hemorrhagic stroke, where a blood vessel in the back of my head ruptured. In a lot of ways worse than an ischemic stroke (one caused by a clot), in other ways not as bad (not as high a probability of recurrence).

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    1. I was stuck on that first one, because I couldn’t think of an actual true love situation when considering humans, because a lot of time what we call “true love” isn’t. Glad you could appreciate that.

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