The Veterans Day 2019 Week That Was

This edition of The Week That Was is brought to you by Burger King. Get a free Burger King doll with the purchase of a gift certificate book, while supplies last!

We seem to have reached the Christmas commercial portion of the most recent reel. Anyway, the Burger King doll isn’t nearly as creepy as the current Burger King.

First, to all you veterans out there: Thank you for your service, and have a happy Veterans Day.

It was a good week, albeit busy. Most of the “busy-ness” was courtesy of the blog, now that I’m doing so many posts in a week, plus I found a course on Udemy that’s an overview of Data Science, which you mioght remember was an area I was interested in, although I’m not sure I’ll take it further than the learning stage. But you never know.

Moving right along, here’s the summary for the week.

The song I used for the prompt “Around/Down/Sideways/Up” was “Don’t Let The Rain Come Down (Crooked Little Man)” by The Serendipity Singers, which managed to reach #1 at WLS in Chicago in the midst of Beatlemania.

It was a freebie week and the first Monday in November, so I spelled out “NOVEMBER” in song titles.

Stu Phillips, who composed the theme songs for many of the Glen A. Larson productions, was the featured artist.

We discussed the meaning of “true love,” whether acts of kindness are motivated by something, the reason for the distinction between rich and poor, whether we love ourselves better in the real or virtual world, and whether or not I’m grateful.

I gave an example of sexting between married people.

It was the annual question about my favorite candies, and since I’ve responded to that one a couple of times already I chose instead to write about my favorite snack cakes, looking first at the Hostess snacks.

I stayed with the 1960 year-end Hot 100 and continued down the list with numbers 11 through 20.

In my most recent battle, The Velvet Underground’s “What Goes On” won decisively over The Beatles’ song of the same name.

We got the prompt “ght”, and I thought about how useless it is, because most of the time it can be replaced by “-ite,” e.g. “nite,” “brite,” “lite” instead of “night,” “bright,” and “light.” And, while I was on the subject of useless stuff, I talked about the letter C, which is pronounced S or K. I made a comment to Joey later that it’s needed for “ch,” although we could use X for that, because that’s also the Greek letter chi, which is also “ch.” And let’s not forget my usual tirade about the Gutenberg editor, which I found myself in by accident and couldn’t get out of without the help of a “happiness engineer” from WordPress. Honestly, the guy said they dropped it on us to make things easier

This was the first full week of “Song of the Day.” My Song Lyric Sunday post served as my Sunday SotD, so here’s the rest of the week:

We got some good conversation going with this new feature. Let’s keep it going!

Laura had some pressing business this week, so I hope she’s back with the prompts for the Weekly Song Challenge. Tomorrow’s theme for M4 is “Native Americans,” and I think I have an interesting angle on it. All the regular features will be back, including a Battle of the Bands that was suggested by Mr. BotB himself, Stephen T. McCarthy, and who knows what else I’ll do. You’ll just have to come back and see…

Thanks to:

And that wraps up another edition of The Week That Was. See you in the funny papers!

2 thoughts on “The Veterans Day 2019 Week That Was

  1. What a week! I was going crazy with the new “employment”. I’m not new just changed because we were taken over by the Toronto office. There are many emails, more annoying stuff to do and trying to learn their new style, not in Counselling but in their computer version of things. When I got home, I was exhausted. That Burger King sad but I wonder if it is worth anything. Today, Monday, is Remembrance Day and am thinking of my dad who fought in the war and my mom who endured it


    1. Which war was that, WWII? There was a time in this country where every man did military service, regardless of whether or not there was a war. That era ended just as I was turning 18, which was at the end of Vietnam, when the Defense Department was cut back. (Not that the Pentagon stopped finding new conflicts to get involved in…)

      I went out to eBay and found several of those dolls, the highest-priced one for $20. Promotional items like that are big sellers. McDonalds is celebrating the 40th birthday of the Happy Meal by including a toy from a previous promotion in their new meals. I wonder how many childless people will be buying a half-dozen Happy Meals just for the toys…

      Toward the end of my 20-year job, we were bought by a Canadian company (Geac, who makes/made point-of-sale registers) and we went through a whole migration to their way of doing things that wasn’t exactly bump-free. I discovered that there was another John Holton working for another division that was using the same email system, and half my mail went to him and vice versa. It was nuts, nuts I tell ya…


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