Weekly Song Challenge, Round 37!

After a week off while Laura took care of business at home (which sounds like it was productive), we’re back with Round 37! You can find the rules for participation on Laura’s blog.

Post a song that is about your country. Jay & The Americans, “Only In America” (with a sung intro by Paul Anka)

Post a song that is patriotic. US Marine Corps Band, “The Stars & Stripes Forever”

Post a song that has the color-red, white or blue in either the title or lyrics. Wayne Newton, “Red Roses For A Blue Lady”

You’re all tagged. Let’s see what you come up with!

12 thoughts on “Weekly Song Challenge, Round 37!

    1. I thought Bobby Vinton had done it, but I couldn’t find a video on YouTube. A bunch of other guys did it, including Bobby Darin, Vic Dana, Paul Anka, and Dean Martin, but not Bobby Vinton (who would do a killer job, I think).

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    1. Well, I have to give it to your song challenge and glad Paul Anka, a Canadian, is in your American Song. Stars and Stripes is an excellent song and loved Arthur Fiedler’s version. The last song fits the bill to a T. I give a great Canadian song to Gordon Lightfoot’s “Canadian Railroad Trilogy”. I just have to give the “O, Canada” anthem as the patriotic song and for the last one, …I can’t think of one that is Canadian..I feel so unpatriotic

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      1. You only have red and white in your flag (in days of old the Union Jack was prominent in the upper left-hand corner), so if you can’t get blue in there I guess we can give you that one.

        I love Fiedler’s “Stars and Stripes Forever” and wish there was a video of him conducting it. They say that after he died and John Williams took over for him, in his first concert he walked off the stage and the orchestra played it without a conductor. Still breaks me up to think about it.


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