A Dream, Or A Dud? #socs

Image by Enrique Meseguer from Pixabay

I talk about dreams a lot here, specifically the weird ones I have, but I thought I should stay away from those and find something else to write about.

Remember Dreamsicles? They were made by the same folks that brought us Popsicles and Fudgsicles, which now is a division of Unilever (as are so many other things these days). They were ice milk covered with orange sherbet and served on a stick, like all the other -sicle products (“look for the red -sicle ball!”). Later, they came up with the Creamsicle, which is ice cream covered with orange sherbet and served on a stick. I guess that made the old Dreamsicle looked pretty weak by comparison and they don’t sell them anymore, which is kind of a shame. The Urban Dictionary has a number of definitions for both “Dreamsicle” and “Creamsicle,” all of which are rather disgusting. It looks like Dairy Queen now has a Dreamsicle cone, an ice cream cone dipped in orange, that’s supposed to be really good, or in Dairy Queen terms, scrumpdillyishus. That was back in the days when Dennis The Menace was their spokescartoon and the cups used to have pictures of Dennis, Ruff, Joey and Margaret on them.

Am I dating myself by talking about Dennis the Menace? Dennis is still running in the newspapers around the country and is a frequent target of The Comics Curmudgeon, who takes daily comic strips and makes cruel sport of them. He gets them online, because the daily newspaper is all but dead, thanks to the Internet. A lot of newspapers have online editions, which they’ll give you full access to if you’ll also take the physical newspaper. My question is “why?” Seriously…

None of the last paragraph has anything to do with dreams, of course, but hey, it’s stream of consciousness, isn’t it?

Stream of Consciousness Saturday is brought to you each week by Linda Hill and this station. Now a word about Mystery Date, from Milton Bradley, who makes the best games in the world. Will he be a dream, or a dud?

32 thoughts on “A Dream, Or A Dud? #socs

  1. Used to play Mystery Date and got the dud most of the time. There was something very refreshing about the orange/vanilla mix in either the Dream or Creamsicle. Haven’t had one in a long time.


  2. Great post, John! I love Dreamsicles and Fudgesicles! In fact, this past summer, we had an ice cream truck driving thru our complex tempting us with all that good stuff.


    1. It was amazing just how much stuff the typical Good Humor truck had on board. I’m pretty sure yours wasn’t a Good Humor truck (I think they’ve retired the trucks and are selling in stores), but the number of frozen confections available is staggering…

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  3. LOL – I like your take on the prompt. I loved all of those versions of ice cream and Dennis the Menace. And not getting a dud when playing that game! 🙂 I’m smiling, John, thanks for sharing this delightful post!!


  4. I vaguely remember Dreamsicles but I do love me some Creamsicles. The chocoholic in me prefers Fudgesicles, though. And I’ve seen the chocolate and banana ones in stores, but I’ve not gotten around to trying them yet and I don’t remember what they’re called. But they sure do sound good. If I recall, they’re shaped like Bomb Pops (or Firecrackers, or whatever they’re called).


  5. I went through a Dreamsicle/Creamsicle phase. Maybe it was the orange color making me think they could possibly be healthy. Looks can be deceiving, like in the Mystery Date game which was okay back in the day, but now that commercial brings up all kinds of issues I shouldn’t think too hard about. But what makes a dud a dud? Jay North was kinda cute.


    1. We’re old enough to know that looks are really the least important part of it, but for purposes of the game, they pretty much were stuck with the looks. It was 30 minutes of pretty much mindless fun. To be honest, I didn’t see the appeal, even if I wasn’t the target demoraphic…

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  6. I never realized Dreamsicles and Creamsicles were different. Both are so yummy. And on that note, I’ll grab another popsicle.
    I remember my neighbor having that Mystery Date game. It was her older sister’s but she’d outgrown it so we could “borrow” it. Fun times I tell ya.


  7. I loved creamsicles. Ice milk of any kind was a bit lackluster in my mind. When I lived in Alaska, one of the local happy hour venues served a rather tasty “creamsicle” cocktail. I found one recipe online that called for “whipped cream vodka”. Who knew there was such a thing?


    1. I saw a couple of recipes for the Creamsicle cocktail. Looks like it calls for all kinds of ingredients you wouldn’t use anywhere else, so I’m not sure I’d buy the ingredients to make them at home. We don’t drink, anyway, so it’s a moot issue….

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  8. Creamsicles were my mother’s favorite treat. We all liked ‘sicle products. I was partial to fudgsicles, or chocolate and banana popsicles. Good job, John. It is SoC, so wherever your mind wanders is fine.


    1. Back when we were kids, if you didn’t like ‘sicle products, you were probably a communist. 😜 I liked Fudgsicles, myself. Was there a Popsicle that was banana and chocolate together? That would have been a mite tasty. We used to have a frozen chocolate-covered banana on a stick that was good…

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  9. I don’t remember Dreamsicles,only Creamsicles. I do like the combo.

    I have three newspaper subscriptions, two are digital. I keep the third one as a physical paper for a family member, I read the paper on line but she likes to have newsprint in front of her


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