Monday’s Music Moves Me: Harmonica

Wasn’t sure what I would be doing today, then I found a bunch of harmonica players on YouTube and knew I had my theme. I’ll probably be stuck in some cases for something to say about them, but I’ll tell you whatever I can and let you do some searching.

  1. Filip Jers and Emil Ernebro, "Moon River" Sweden’s Filip Jers is generally known as "Sweden’s Harmonica Sensation." Here he does a duet with guitarist Emil Ernebro (who has been featured here before) on the Henry Mancini-Johnny Mercer song from Breakfast At Tiffany’s.
  2. Roly Platt, "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" Canadian harmonicist Roly Platt hs two albums, Tangled Roots with Wayne Buttery and his debut solo album Inside Out. This is from the latter.
  3. Charlie McCoy, "Georgia On My Mind" From Oak Hill, West Virginia, Charlie McCoy has been a mainstay in Nashville, where he’s played with Elvis, Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton and a host of other musicians. He was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2006.
  4. Buddy Greene, "Orange Blossom Special" Buddy Greene got his professional start playing rhythm guitar and harmonica with Jerry Reed for four years. He moved to Nashville in 1984 and recorded his first solo album in 1986. Since then he’s played with Bill and Gloria Gaither, Charlie Peacock, Bela Fleck, and others. He’s also a songwriter and among other songs wrote the beautiful "Mary Did You Know," a favorite at Christmastime.
  5. Indiara Sfair, "Improvisation in C Minor" Indiara Sfair was born in Curitiba in southern Brazil and graduated from the School of Fine Arts at Paraná, and has worked on several Blues and Jazz projects since. The link takes you to her Facebook page; she also has an Instagram and a YouTube channel.
  6. Nederlands Concertkoor, "Man With A Harmonica (from Once Upon A Time In The West)" Hermine Deurloo, who plays harmonica here, is a jazz chromatic harmonicist from Amsterdam. She has four albums and tours primarily in The Netherlands.
  7. Aiden & Evelyn, "Just The Way You Are (Bruno Mars cover)" Aiden & Evelyn are a married couple from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. They’re a two-time world champion duo and their website tells us they’re the most popular harmonica duo in the world.
  8. Christelle Berthon, "Hey Jude" Christelle picked up the harmonica at the age of 24 as a diversion from her oboe studies. After a twelve-year hiatus, a woman she knew, knowing that she had played, gave her a harmonica in 2006, and she started a YouTube channel to share her work.
  9. Alfredo Redondo (aka Harmonicalf), "November Rain (Guns ‘n’ Roses Cover)" Not able to find much on Alf other than his YouTube channel and his Facebook page, but I’m sure you’ll agree with me that he is a fine harmonicist.
  10. John Barry, "Midnight Cowboy" John Barry was a composer of film and TV scores as well as a player of keyboards, drums, trumpet and harmonica. He wrote the score for a number of James Bond movies as well as for the movie Midnight Cowboy, for which he also played harmonica.

And that’s Monday’s Music Moves Me for November 18, 2019.

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16 thoughts on “Monday’s Music Moves Me: Harmonica

  1. The two I really liked – The song by Indiara Sfair and the cover of Hey Jude. I also enjoyed the video one of your commenters posted by Paul Jones. Harmonica as played by professionals is such a wonderful instrument. Any kid thinks he or she can play it but…well, no.


    1. It’s like any instrument: you can pick up a little really quickly but it takes the rest of your life to get really good at it. I played enough to jam on some blues, but these players are in a whole different league.


  2. John,

    I really enjoyed your harmonica selections, especially track #5 “Improvisation in C Minor”. That was just fabulous! Very creative theme for ‘your choice song picks’ week. Thanks for sharing and for joining the 4M crew on the dance floor this week, my friend. Have a boogietastic day!


    1. I went out of my way to avoid blues and rock, and since I talk about Toots Thielemans a lot I didn’t use any of his. I’m happy with the result: there are some awesome players out there, men and women alike.


  3. Okay, I wasn’t going to say anything yet because it’s still in the making, but Dave is getting his old band back together & it’s called, “Designated Riders”. This is the one with the drummer plays the drums of course, but he also plays the harmonica. I use to love it when he played. I really like harmonicas & this guy is the tops I must admit. Thank you so much for posting him. I love his music especially Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Fantastic. Gave me goosebumps for sure. Thanks, John. Now, that orange blossom special was just that SPECIAL! Great job! Goodness so many classics too! Totally awesome, John. Thanks for sharing and have a great day!


    1. Billy was a pretty good player, but on “Leave A Tender Moment Alone” he had “Toots” Thielemans play. If you want to hear a great harmonica player, listen to Toots.


  4. I really enjoy looking this up, I hope you not mind but I threw in a couple I particularly like. The first is the Stones and No fade away, Brian Jones was excellent Harmonicist as we’re all the Stones. Tune start about 3mins in.

    and Paul Jones from Manfred Mann play Dowaydiddy.

    Hope you enjoy.💜


    1. The interviewer in the first one is Mike Douglas. He had an afternoon talk show for years. Junior Wells, one of the greatest blues harmonicists, taught Mick Jagger a lot about playing the instrument. The Stones would come to Chicago and hang out in the blues clubs on the South Side. One of their early songs is “2120 South Michigan Avenue,” which was at one time the address for the studios of Chess Records, one of the pre-eminent blues record labels. I think they recorded there, as did Fleetwood Mac in their Peter Green days. Goodf choices!


  5. Wow, that’s beautiful. I hadn’t realised the harmonica could be so soulful. It’s amazing how fabulous something can sound when in the hands of a professional. It’s the same as the world’s best whistlers – their music is astounding.


    1. Interesting that one of the great harmonica players was also one of the great whistlers and guitarists, Jean “Toots” Thielemans (of fond memory). He wrote one of the great jazz standards, “Bluesette,” which he wrote for harmonica but was able to play on guitar while he whistled. That included improvising on guitar and keeping up with his whistling. THAT is someone who knows his instrument…

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