Song of the Day: The Beginning of The End, “Funky Nassau (Part 1 & 2)”

I ended last week talking about the genre I call “everyone but the drummer stops, then everyone comes back in one at a time.” I can think of two other songs that belong to this genre: this one, and the one we’ll do tomorrow.

“Funky Nassau (Part 1)” was The Beginning of the End’s only hit. They were a Bahamian funk group built around the Munnings brothers, Ray (organ), Roy (guitar), and Frank (drums). Fred Henfield (bass) and Livingston Colebrook (guitar) rounded the quintet out. Horns for the song were provided by the Funky Nassau Horns. This reached #15 on the Hot 100 and #7 on the R&B chart in 1971. Both parts of the song are in this video, and you’ll notice that Part 2 is a reprise of the instrumental break from Part 1. My guess is they took that part out, got rid of as much of the vocal track as they could (you can still hear it if you listen through headphones), and called it Part 2.

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