Song of the Day: Sly & The Family Stone, “Dance To The Music”

My other “everyone stops but the drummer then comes back in one at a time” song is Sly & The Family Stone’s 1968 hit, “Dance To The Music.” It was the title track for their second studio album, which was influential in the formation and popularization of the “psychedelic soul” subgenre. Not long after this album came out, The Temptations produced “Psychedlic Shack,” and The Four Tops and The Impressions soon followed with songs of their own. The album itself was a response to Clive Davis’s (president of CBS records) request for a more commercial sound, similar to what Berry Gordy was doing at Motown Records. The album reached #11 on the R&B chart, but only #142 on the Hot 200 albums chart, while the song rose to #8 on the Hot 100 and #9 on the R&B chart.

If you can think of any other songs which fit this “genre,” let me know. I think I’m forgetting something…

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