Song of the Day: Diana Ross & The Supremes, “Reflections”

As long as we’re on the subject of psychedelic soul, let’s take a look at some of the other songs of that genre. "Reflections" was the first song to be credited to "Diana Ross & The Supremes" and one of the last to be credited to the songwriting team of Lamont Dozier and Brian and Eddie Holland (Holland-Dozier-Holland). It’s often credited as being one of the first pop songs to use a Moog synthesizer, but the sound effects were actually generated by a test oscillator and additional sound effects were added in the studio. It was released in July 1967, putting it slightly before Sly & The Family Stone. It reached #2 on the Hot 100, kept out of the top spot by Bobbie Gentry’s "Ode To Billy Joe," which Diana Ross recorded as a solo for the Reflections album. The song also reached #5 in the UK and #4 on the R&B chart.

7 thoughts on “Song of the Day: Diana Ross & The Supremes, “Reflections”

    1. They had wonderful voices and were quite attractive. I love seeing them on the old Ed Sullivan shows, with the gowns and hairdos, and whether it was one of their own songs or a standard, they always sounded magnificent.

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  1. What great songwriting they had and of course the performances were great. It really was a hit machine with them and the Temptations…not to mention Smokey and Stevie Wonder.


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