Cake! #socs

So today’s prompt is to take an ad that I got in the mail and write a review of the product being advertised. The problem (if you want to call it that) is that, when Mary gets the mail, she generally takes the ads and puts them in the recycling bin, because otherwise they sit around and become part of the furniture.

No problem, I said, I’ll just go out to Pinterest and find an ad there. When I got there, I discovered that my account had been suspended, for what I don’t know (I’m thinking it was some sort of inadvertent copyright violation), and that they sent a email to my address on file explaining why, and there would be instructions on how to appeal. I’ve checked my email ever since and no email of explanation has arrived, and at this point, I figure they know what they can do with their Pinterest account…

Which still left me without an ad to use for the prompt, so I checked my friend Pete Kastanes’s Vanished Chicagoland Instagram, and found an ad:

Now, this is my kind of ad. Dressel’s Bakery was a venerable institution in the village of Cicero, Illinois, just outside Chicago, and in addition to operating an actual bakery they had a facility that mass-produced cakes for sale in local grocery stores. They were inexpensive, used lots of whipped cream, and were quite tasty.

There were a couple of bakeries in the Chicago area that would sell their goods in the local stores. Heineman’s sold theirs at Dominick’s Finer Foods, while Burny Brothers sold theirs at Jewel Food Stores. The cakes from Burny Brothers were better than those from Heineman’s, and the reverse was true for cookies.

The world of retail food stores has changed a lot in the last twenty years or so. Now, rather than subcontracting their baked goods to a bakery like Heineman’s or Burny Brothers, grocery stores will have a bakery onsite which will make cakes, cookies, bread, rolls, and pies. For that matter, grocery stores have gotten into the pre-made meal business. The Publix near us has an excellent bakery, makes better fried chicken than KFC for half the price, and sandwiches that rival those from Subway or Jersey Mike’s.

But back to Dressel’s. I never had the Boston Cream Pie that’s advertised here, but I’m sure it was delicious.

Stream of Consciousness Saturday is brought to you each week by Linda Hill and this station. Now, here’s John Chadwick, from Glemby Department Store Salon, for Clairol Colorfast Shampoo. To help keep your color, change your shampoo!

27 thoughts on “Cake! #socs

  1. How on earth did you get in trouble with Pinterest?!? Crazy.
    Anyway, you know what we have — Hostess and Entemann’s. Either will do, but there’s nothing like the smaller bakeries 😛 I haven’t had Boston Cream Pie in ages!


    1. I know, right? My guess is that I shared a YouTube that was later found to be copyrighted, but they haven’t deigned to inform me yet. They said they sent an email, but either they didn’t or I haven’t gotten it yet.

      Don’t forget Sara Lee, but even then it’s nothing like a neighborhood place.


  2. Well, I forgot I had a Pinterest account until your post. Yup, it is still up and running! I have a bunch of girlie stuff and recipes in there – how cool! Thanks, John!


  3. I had forgotten I even had a pinterest account until just now! I guess in the grand scheme of things, it must not be that important! Bakeries, however, are very important!


    1. I can’t think of the last time I had Boston Cream pie, and that time, it might have been a donut. As for Pinterest, I used the account more as a way to store stuff, but otherwise never went out there unless Mary sent me there to find a recipe for her. Like Maggie said below, they encourage you to pin copyrighted stuff, then hang you out to dry when someone complains. To hell with them.

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  4. I love the way Pinterest’s entire platform centers around ‘stealing’ images and then they let its users pay the penalties.

    We have a few small town bakeries here and pies are plentiful nearing Thanksgiving. It has been a long time since I had a Boston Cream pie, though.


    1. Exactly! I had an IFTTT app that would post videos I liked to a board, and I’m pretty sure that was the issue here. But Pinterest actually encourages people to post videos to a board, so I don’t see how I’m the problem here. I could just as easily open as new Pinterest account, but it just ain’t worth it.


  5. Boston Cream Pie…Mmmmmmm. We have a grocery store, Festival, that makes great cakes, but the best bakery in town is a block away from where I live. The most delicious cakes and tortes ever, full of all the bad things we shouldn’t eat but tastes so good. They make Boston Cream, but the best is the raspberry filled torte with white chocolate ganache. To die for.


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