Song of the Day: The Chambers Brothers, “Time Has Come Today”

One of the landmark psychedelic rock/soul songs of its time was The Chambers Brothers’ "Time Has Come Today." It clocked in at just under five minutes, almost twice the length of a song that most Top 40 radio stations were willing to play, but by this time songs were getting longer and more complex (consider "MacArthur Park" or "Ode To Billy Joe"). It wasn’t uncommon for a band to record a long version for an album and a shorter one (often a portion of the longer song) for radio play. In this case, the album version of the song was over eleven minutes long. It featured a number of effects, including a "fuzz" guitar alongside a clean one, cowbells that simulated the "tick tock" of a clock that was warped through most of the song through effects, and true to the times there was plenty of free-form jamming. The single was originally recorded in 1966, but rejected by Columbia Records in favor of "All Strung Out Over You," the success of which allowed them to record this song in 1967. It ended up just missing the Top 10, spending several weeks at #11. This is the long version; the shorter single can be found here.

5 thoughts on “Song of the Day: The Chambers Brothers, “Time Has Come Today”

  1. In the late eighties this became one of my favorite songs. It was constantly played on a show about the sixties called Almost Grown starring Tim Daly that was cancelled too soon.
    It is still a favorite of mine.


    1. We had a DJ in Chicago in the early ’70’s who had a feature called “Long Gold”: at 10 PM, he’d play the full version of a song that had been shortened to fit Top 40 radio standards. This was one of the songs he played. The shorter version didn’t really make an impression on me, but the full version did.


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