Song Lyric Sunday/Song of the Day: Chase, “Hello Groceries”

We’re getting ready for the big Thanksgiving holiday here in the United States, which is held on the fourth Thursday of November. Our friends in Canada wonder why we don’t have ours closer to harvest time, such as in October. This explanation, from The Blogger’s Best Friend™, says that Abraham Lincoln proclaimed the holiday for the last Thursday of November, which by then was pretty standard in many states, in 1863, but that it didn’t apply to all the states until after Reconstruction. Franklin Delano Roosevelt, wanting to leave his stamp on the holiday, moved it to the next-to-last Thursday in 1939, which that year just happened to be the fourth Thursday but was the third Thursday in 1940 and 1941, which led to a certain amount of confusion, as seen here from the 1942 movie Holiday Inn, which starred Bing Crosby:

Cooler heads eventually prevailed, and on Boxing Day 1941 he signed a joint Congressional resolution which henceforth and ever after fixed the date as the fourth Thursday in November.


The song I’ve chosen for today’s theme, "Bounty/Dessert/Eat/Feast/Food/Hungry/Turkey," is "Hello Groceries," by the jazz-rock band Chase, from their eponymous debut album. The band consisted of four trumpet players (Bill Chase, Ted Piercefield, Alan Ware, and Jerry Van Blair, who does the vocal here) with a rhythm section of guitarist Angel South, bassist Dennis Keith Johnson, keyboardist Phil Porter, drummer Jay Burrid, and vocalist Terry Richards. Chase’s normal modus operandi was to feature the brass pyrotechnics of the trumpet section as much as possible (there weren’t enough ledger lines to put above the staff to denote Chase’s highest note); as such, the lyrics were not always the deciding factor as to whether the band did it. As you’ll see shortly, the lyrics here are less than politically correct. The song is credited to a D. O’Rourke.

The lyrics, courtesy LyricsFreak, which lists the song’s name as "Hell Groceries."

Your groceries knock me out, pretty pretty, pretty lady.
You’re what it’s all about, pretty pretty, pretty lady.
You look so ripe to pick, pretty pretty, pretty lady.
And I just like to hold, pretty pretty, pretty lady.

You’re at the top of my grocery list.
You’re the dessert I don’t want to miss, oh uh huh.

I’m gonna make you mine, gonna get you, pretty pretty.
You think you know my mind, you don’t know yea, I’m gonna show ya.

You look so prime, tender and sweet.
You’re U S D A inspected meat, oh uh huh.

And that’s Song Lyric Sunday and Song of the Day for November 24, 2019.

19 thoughts on “Song Lyric Sunday/Song of the Day: Chase, “Hello Groceries”

    1. They weren’t around that long. Bill Chase and a few members of the band were killed in a plane crash, and that was the end of the band. Supposedly they had a fourth album in the works, so who knows, maybe someday someone will find the tapes and release them. Glad you liked the song!

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  1. Not really a fan of horns used in songs/music, but that short turkey & calendar bit was fun. It’s strange that Thanksgiving is on different days. Some years it is even on my birthday! Not this year, though. 😉


    1. That’s like me with Easter: I don’t think my birthday has ever been on Easter, even though Mom’s (whose birthday is the day after mine) has been a couple of times.

      That movie (“Holiday Inn” with Bing Crosby, Fred Astaire, and Marjorie Reynolds) is one of my favorites, and the thing with the turkey is one of the funniest things in it. When I learned the story behind it, I thought it was even funnier.


  2. Chase! Wow, I hadn’t thought of them in decades. Brass was definitely in, in the late 60s.


    1. Right, you had The Ides of March, BS&T, Chicago, Chase, Lighthouse, Tower of Power, Kool & The Gang, Crow… Even bands that didn’t have their own horn section (e.g. the Rolling Stones) took some on. Great sound!

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