It's Mister Shades! #socs

Image by Nina Garman from Pixabay

When I was in eighth grade, I broke my glasses. My mother had bought me a pair of prescription sunglasses and told me to wear them while she got the others fixed. So I showed up at school wearing sunglasses and had to wear them all day. One of my teachers saw this and remarked, "Oh, it’s Mister Shades!"

For years I had bought prescription sunglasses every time I bought regular glasses, which wasn’t cheap, Finally, I got smart and bought glasses that had clip-on sunglasses, which was great until the damn things fell apart. I went to Pearle Vision and found out that a new pair cost $50. Screw that noise, I thought, and found sunglasses that I can wear over my glasses for $10 a pair when you bought 3 pair or more. They don’t last forever (although they last a long time), but for $10, who cares? I buy a half dozen pairs, both Mary and I use them, and when we get down to one pair on hand, I buy six more.

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

Learned something interesting: a shade is a color mixed with black, while a tint is a color mixed with white. Mix a color with gray, and you get a tone. After that, color theory gets much more complicated.

Stream of Consciousness Saturday is brought to you each week by Linda Hill and this station. Now a word about Pampers, now with custom-fit tapes!

33 thoughts on “It's Mister Shades! #socs

  1. Good job on the colors, John. I’m a tint person ๐Ÿ™‚
    I have also worn sunglasses over my specs, though I don’t often need that, since I really only need mine to read, but there have been times. Here’s my thing: Years ago, I bought a $10 pair of shades from a kiosk and had them for 5-6 years. They broke. I was given expensive designer shades as a gift, and lost them the first week — or they were stolen, either way, all gone. Then I spent $35 on a nice pair and only had them a few days before I lost them. SO I buy only cheap sunglasses. My current pair is $7 and I’m goin on two years!


  2. “screw that noise” – I haven’t heard that saying in years! I’ll add that back into the plethora of my vast vocabulary. Glasses are an investment, these days. I wear the progressive, transitional, etc. etc. glasses, and love them. I like tinted glasses because light bothers my eyes. I even look at my computer in the dark mode. Since I had my cataract surgery, I don’t need prescription sunglasses! Yay!


  3. When I was a kid my mom got me prescription photo-gray glasses…I loved that they turned darker in the sunlight…so they were basically sunglasses…BUT…the florescent lights in school turned them dark also…that was a pain.


      1. That was a great descprition. The pair I had would be too dark period. I played little league and had to take them off playing third base because I couldn’t see well enough.


  4. I still have prescription sunglasses, John but with the cost of progressive lenses, I may be done with that noise. I have the sunglasses you mention and, in most cases, they work better than ordinary glasses. At least I don’t need Pampers ๐Ÿ˜‰


    1. Even with the tape closures?

      The big advantage to the sunglasses is the cost. They do break, stretch out, and the lenses get scratched, but for $10, you don’t really care. Replacing a $10 pair is a whole lot better than replacing a $50 pair…

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      1. The tape is a nice touch, but…

        The time my prescription changed do much that I had to replace glasses, safety glasses and sunglasses, the bill wax over $800. The next time that happens, Iโ€™ll be going back to goggles in the shop.


  5. Good one Mister Shades. How does one โ€œscrew that noiseโ€? Lol ๐Ÿ˜† just kidding. Itโ€™s an expression Iโ€™ve used plenty. And mostly for the same reason.

    Iโ€™ve only ever had one pair of prescription sunglasses. I incorrectly thought theyโ€™d allow me to read at the beach. Not even close. Now I get the darkest transitions they make which is a poor substitute. I need to try your method.


  6. I learned something new about tone, shade and tint…I never knew that. I donโ€™t wear glasses when I drive etc…just for reading but when I have to, I will get the clips for sure


  7. Cool nickname!
    I always wanted prescription sun glasses – finally got some, but they did them wrong – twice! So I never got to wear them. I’ve tried the over the glasses one, but still can’t get used to them.


    1. I never considered photogray glasses. There are a lot of people who love them and a lot that hate them (“they’re too dark for inside and not dark enough for outside”). Me, I’m just cheap…


  8. Very interesting, I used to wear sun glasses over my prescription verivocals but three years ago got myself prescription sun glasses too. As I can usually get a buy one pair get one pair free it works out okay.
    The info on the colours is interesting too.๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ


    1. The 2-for-1 deals are great if you can take advantage of them. We don’t have a place near us that we can take advantage of that, though.

      I still haven’t gotten the hang of hue and saturation, but the shade, tone, and tint discussion made all the sense in the world when I saw it.


  9. I used those until someone said I was wearing old man sunglasses. You are right, John. They are great. I also agree with the interesting explanation on shade, tint, and tone. Now I want to know more.


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