Song of the Day: Looking Glass, “Jimmy Loves Mary Anne”

The band Looking Glass, part of the "Jersey Shore" sound, is best known for "Brandy (You’re A Fine Girl)," which reached #1 in the US and Canada in 1972. Their next single "Jimmy Loves Mary Anne," didn’t do quite as well, only reaching #33 in the US and #21 in Canada, but for some reason it did quite well in Chicago, where it reached #1 for a week in October 1973 and where it was #72 on their year-end "Big 89" survey. I have no explanation for why, other than it was a great song.

11 thoughts on “Song of the Day: Looking Glass, “Jimmy Loves Mary Anne”

    1. They were a good band, and Elliot Lurie, their guitarist and lead singer, shows up at a lot of “yacht rock” concerts. They got lost in the shuffle because there were so many good bands in the early ’70’s doing that kind of music.


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