Monday's Music Moves Me: The 1968 "Dean Martin Christmas Show"

I’m going to try something a little different this week, and instead of tossing a bunch of songs together in a playlist, I’m going to take you back to December 19, 1968, at 10 PM Eastern, 9 PM Central Time, for The Dean Martin Christmas Show, one of the many great variety shows that aired almost nightly in the ’60’s and ’70’s. Here’s the description from

Opening Production Number, sung by Jack Halloran’s Choir & featuring Dean Martin, Dean’s Girls & the show’s dancers dressed as Santa Claus: "Look At That Face"; "Be A Santa" Dean Martin: "A Marshmallow World" The Golddiggers: "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town" Dean Martin & The Golddiggers: Medley: "Daddy" / "True Love" / "We Wish You The Merriest" Dennis Weaver: "The Marvelous Toy" Entire Cast: Medley of Christmas Carols: "Deck The Halls" / "Joy To The World" / "Silent Night" Dean Martin: "Christmas Is For Kids" (sung over footage of Christmas toys) Entire Cast: "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" Also appearing: Bob Newhart and Dom DeLuise, plus cameos by dozens of celebrities, including Bob Hope, Frank Sinatra Jr. and Johnny Carson, announcing the sending of gifts of toys to children in hospitals and through various charities.

Something for everyone: singing, dancing, comedy sketches, kids, toys, and lots of celebrities at the end. Enjoy!

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31 thoughts on “Monday's Music Moves Me: The 1968 "Dean Martin Christmas Show"

  1. My mom and grandma absolutely loved watching the Dean Martin show – thank you for sharing this episode, I loved it! πŸ™‚ Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend – speeding towards Christmas, I need to hurry and get ready!! πŸ™‚


  2. John,

    The Dean Martin Show was one of my favorites as a kid and I’ve only grown to love him even more over the years. His carefree, easy vocals are always a delight to hear no matter what tunes he’s singing. I own at least one of his Christmas albums on CD! Thanks for putting a smile on my face and song in my heart today with this Christmas episode. Unfortunately, I don’t have time to watch it at the moment but perhaps later. Have a joyful Christmas season, my friend!


  3. Awesome!!!! Celestine and i wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸŽ„ πŸŽπŸŽπŸŽπŸŽ…πŸŽ…πŸŽ…
    β€’ β˜… Merry β˜…* 。 β€’ ˚ ˚ Λ› ˚ Λ› β€’
    β€’γ€‚β˜… Christmas 。* 。
    Β° 。 Β° Λ›ΛšΛ› * _Ξ _____*。*˚
    ˚ Λ› β€’Λ›β€’Λš */______/~οΌΌγ€‚Λš ˚ Λ›
    ˚ Λ› β€’Λ›β€’ ˚| η”°η”° ο½œι–€ο½œ ˚And a Happy New Year
    * Joy to all! β™«β€’*Β¨* Peace on Earth β™ͺβ™«β€’*Β¨*


  4. Thank you for that nostalgic trip! There weren’t many variety shows on when I was growing up (I vaguely remember Sonny & Cher and Tony Orlando. And remember Hee Haw and The Midnight Special quite well, though). I wish there was something similar today, besides late night shows. Some things deserve a comeback, and I think something like this would do well featuring today’s popular artists. I might not like who they feature, but I think the format would go over well.


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    1. Sadly, I don’t think we’re going to see shows like that again. These days, TV executives are looking to fill as many hours as they can as cheaply as possible, and shows like these aren’t cheap. The nostalgia channels (primarily Antenna TV) show some of the old shows, like Ed Sullivan, and the networks do some variety-type specials (particularly at this time of the year), but that’s about it. I know you can get a lot of the classic shows through Amazon Prime, and there might be some of the shows on the streaming options (Netflix, Hulu, Pluto, Roku etc.). It takes some digging, I’m afraid…


  5. OH MY GOSH, My MAMA and my Gramma would come running when ol’ Dino was comin” on. Okay< I did too> HAHAHA loved his joking and singing and the people that he has on his show. I liked that guy that always played drunk and he really wasn”t hahahahaha. Great pickins”, John


    1. Foster Brooks, you mean? He was a riot! He was a regular on Bill Cosby’s variety show, and would show up on all the variety shows (I think he was a regular on the celebrity roasts). Those were the days…


    1. Elizabeth Gilbert the author, you mean? She hadn’t been born yet; this would have been the Christmas before she was. 😜 Dean used to put on a show like that (maybe not as star-studded or with as many production numbers) every week for years. Can you imagine?

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        1. You’re thinking of Melissa Gilbert, and that is a distinct possibility: she would have been 4 or so at the time, and had the show business credentials (parents were actors, they lived in LA).

          It probably cost a fortune to stage a show like that every week, with costumes, rehearsals, the sets, the cast, the guests… Even in the days when people didn’t make a whole lot, that was a lot of money. But they were professionals, and that’s what they did.

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    1. I think at one time there was a show like his on every night of the week. Some of the biggest names in show business would appear on them. These were the days when even the big stars didn’t make a whole lot of money and they worked all the time.


    1. That was entertainment, and they were entertainers, and at the time they got ready for a show like that (maybe not on the same scale) every week. But the holiday shows were spectacular…


  6. I must admit all that rat pack stuff was utter nonsense, it put me right off, although I like all of them in terms of having brilliant voices. I have a couple of rat pack CDs which are a very pleasant listen.


    1. Yes, the Rat Pack was silly, but what entertainers, and they struck a blow for civil rights: Sammy Davis Jr. was the first black performer to play Las Vegas and to actually stay at the hotels he played, because Frank Sinatra, who was a huge draw, made it clear that if Sammy didn’t get treated the same as Frank and Dean (and Joey Bishop, Peter Lawford, Angie Dickinson and the rest of the gang), none of them would play Vegas. That was a tremendous achievement.

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