The Ten Days Until Christmas Week That Was

This edition of The Week That Was is brought to you by Pillsbury homebaked sugar cookies. Look for the free holiday crafts book inside specially-marked twin packs!

Mary met the guy that came up with Poppin’ Fresh, the little dough boy that’s been Pillsbury’s mascot for a very long time, when she was in high school.

Only ten more days until Christmas! Has everyone finished their preparations for the holiday (be it Christmas, Hanukkah, Festivus, Solstice, Kwanzaa etc.)? There’s not much preparing here: Christmas dinner will likely be the same as Thanksgiving, we don’t decorate the house, and we’ve done our Christmas shopping, such as it is. It’s been a little chilly here, but thankfully no snow, torrential rain, tornadoes or other bad weather stuff. Anyway, here’s the summary…

For the prompt (arm/elbow/leg/knee) I used Rodgers and Hart’s "Here In My Arms" sung by Ella Fitzgerald. Ella was without peer as the singer of the standards.

Johnny Cash’s "Cry Cry Cry" Defeated Bobby "Blue" Bland’s song of the same name 7-5, in one of the closest battles I’ve hosted all year. We started another BotB today, matching three artists who had songs called "Games People Play," so be sure and vote in that.

I did things a little differently, and, rather than build a playlist, ran the full 1968 Dean Martin Christmas Show. The variety shows were fantastic at this time of the year. It went over so well I’ll be doing something similar this week.

My answers this week were a little more "flip" than they usually are, to questions about the meaning of truth, something people would never guess about me, whether loud noises bother me, and what question I would ask if I was assured of getting the correct answer. And yes, I had fun doing it…

The great American composer, conductor, and arranger John Wiliams was this week’s featured TV composer.

Used my one-liner to wish my brother Jim a happy birthday. He said to thank all of you for the wishes.

I talked about the day I had some time off in Los Angeles and using the time to take a long walk along the Ocean Front Walk from Santa Monica to Venice Beach.

We visited WTRY (now WOFX) in Troy, New York and recreated their Top 10 from December 12, 1964.

The prompt "loud" led me to a discussion about the difficulty I’ve had balancing the sound between a bunch of MP3 files I listen to at night, some of which are significantly louder than others. Thanks to everyone who gave a suggestion. If I figure out what to do, I’ll let everyone know what it was.

Tomorrow’s entry for Monday’s Music Moves Me will be a video of the broadcast of the 1966 Andy Williams Christmas Show, with Andy’s brothers, wife Claudine Longet, his parents, and The Osmond Brothers. Tuesday’s TV composer will be Dominic Frontiere, who also wrote the music for the movie Hang ‘Em High, which got me started on it. I need prompts for Thursday and Saturday, as always, questions for Share Your World, and I’m looking for a pithy one-liner for Wednesday and a radio station survey to do this Friday. Busy, busy, busy.

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And that’s it for this edition of The Week That Was. Be sure and vote in my latest Battle of the Bands, and I’ll see you in the funny papers!

4 thoughts on “The Ten Days Until Christmas Week That Was

  1. My mother recently informed me that Poppin Fresh was my stuffed lovey from like 8 months to past two, and while I have no memory of him, I believe her. I still like him a lot. I wonder what happened to it.
    One of our traditions is baking, and I’ve always bought my kids the Pilsbury refrigerated circle cookies that you place and bake. This year I got the Elf ones.


    1. Poppin’ Fresh dolls are selling on eBay for under $20, if you’re feeling nostalgic. I didn’t see too many stuffed ones; most of them look like they’re vinyl, and I can’t imagine your lovey being that…

      Freshly-baked cookies… mmmm… my aunt, who’s only a couple of years older than I, spent a lot of time with us after Dad died, and we used to bake cookies (the Toll House ones) and brownies together. Elf one almost sound like they should be made by Keebler…

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      1. Elf like the movie 🙂
        I looked up the Poppin Fresh plushies and it seems they’re collectors items, making them hard to find and quite costly. I guess I was a lucky kid, born in the right time to have had one original and affordable!


        1. Right, the plush ones are a small fortune. The vinyl ones are a lot cheaper, but what kid wanted to snuggle up with one of those? They’re probably rare because kids just loved them to death…

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