Bingle, Jingle, Single, Mingle, Tingle #socs

How about some music? Here’s Bing Crosby (sometimes referred to as "Der Bingle") singing "Jingle Bells" with The Andrews Sisters.

I’ve never actually been single. At least not in the sense where I was unmarried and out of school. I got married the January after I finished my Bachelor’s degree, which gave me about four weeks of the single life, but I didn’t act single, i.e. mingling (mingle-ing) with crowds of women, looking for love. Do I regret it? No. I would have been a mess as a bachelor. I don’t like to mingle as it is, and never did. Sometimes I wonder what that would have been like, but in the same way as you wonder what it would have been like to be a lion tamer or a person that climbs to the top of television masts. (VERTIGO ALERT!)

Makes you tingle just watching that, doesn’t it?

Stream of Consciousness Saturday is brought to you each week by Linda Hill and this station, broadcasting from the top of the Willis Center (formerly the Sears Tower). Now a word from Sears, who right now is running their "Before Christmas Sale at After Christmas Prices." There’s more for your life at Sears!

As God is my witness, that was the next usable commercial on the reel…

24 thoughts on “Bingle, Jingle, Single, Mingle, Tingle #socs

  1. I think some of my worst years were when I was single and not in school. You didn’t miss a thing. And I’m not missing anything more than a queasy stomach by not climbing a tower like that. Happy to keep my feet firmly on the ground…. or in the water. :)


    1. In retrospect, not having been a bachelor all that long was a much better idea. I’m not especially sociable, and would have had a hard time finding friends or love.

      Seeing a video like that one gives you an appreciation for the people that do it. We all have bad days at work, but it rarely means falling over 1500 feet…

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  2. My dad loved the Andrews Sisters. He’d watch every special they put out and I’m pretty sure we had all their albums. Thanks for the vertigo alert. That makes me dizzy 😵


    1. The Andrews Sisters were really popular during WWII and after, and with the generations that covered, the pre-Baby Boom one. They had tremendous voices and singers from the same family always sound good together.

      That video has given me my share of bad dreams…

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  3. I love hearing the Andrew Sisters

    Oh no no. I can’t even get on a ladder… That’s what my nightmares are made of. Some brave climbers.


      1. I admire the people who do it…they should get paid a fortune but I’m sure they don’t. If it were up to me to do it..we would not have a signal sad to say.


    1. All our lamps are close enough to the ground that we don’t have to climb at all. I always leave the jobs requiring getting on a ladder to the professionals.

      I don’t care how many times I see that video, it always disturbs me.


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