Song of the Day: “The Three Little Dwarfs (Hardrock, Coco, And Joe)”

The third of the three ancient cartoons WGN would run during the Christmas season is another Centaur Productions stop-action cartoon done by Wah Ming Chang, just as "Suzy Snowflake" had been. This song was also covered by Gene Autry.

8 thoughts on “Song of the Day: “The Three Little Dwarfs (Hardrock, Coco, And Joe)”

  1. I love the imagery… wow I just can’t describe it. I guess the word “trip” from above fits as well as any. I like it…it’s very odd…and that is the reason I like it.


    1. We looked forward to it every year. Now it’s on YouTube and shows no signs of being taken off. I think it’s probably in public domain now, or at least there’s no one around to complain.


  2. That video was a “trip” – hahaha
    That was the first word that came to mind – but wow – early graphics and the word “queer” and then how he had no use for Joe – pretty funny
    Thanks for sharing this holiday throwback
    Was this 1960s?


    1. The focus in entertainment has gone from quality to quantity as demand has exploded. Granted, this is a very primitive example, and even when I first saw it in the ’60’s it was hardly state of the art, but it was groundbreaking in 1951.

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