The Last Week That Was of 2019

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2019 ends at 11:59:59 on Tuesday and 2020 begins at 12:00:00 on Wednesday. At least that’s how I think you say it. Anyway, we’re at the end of another year. Was it a good one or bad one for you? Well, regardless, we’ll be peeling the shrinkwrap off of 2020 on Wednesday. I have no resolutions to share, nor have I chosen a word to act as my theme for 2020. We’ll be having our traditional dinner of pizza rolls on Tuesday night and will probably be watching an old rerun of Perry Mason when the year debuts amid the fireworks of the kids in the neighborhood. (The episode will be "The Case of The Artful Dodger", which originally aired on December 12, 1959, in case you’re wondering.) So, let’s get on with the week’s summary.

We had a seasonal theme last week, and I chose the word "snowman" and went with "Suzy Snowflake." Not actually a Christmas song, but WGN used to show it with two other ancient cartoons on the weekday afternoons between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Staying with the idea of showing Christmas specials, I shared the 1982 special Perry Como’s Christmas In Paris. I think sharing the specials worked as well as me building playlists, don’t you?

Had some Christmas-y questions this past week, things like what I do about a terrible gift, whether animals (specifically dogs) communicate with each other, and do I prefer the religious aspects of Christmas or the fun ones.

Henry Mancini, one of America’s greatest composers, who wrote a significant amount of material for television, was the featured artist.

For Christmas, I shared the sermon from the end of the 1947 movie The Bishop’s Wife, which starred Cary Grant, Loretta Young, David Niven, and Monty Woolley. It was much longer than one line, but it’s a beautiful sermon that never fails to evoke an emotional response.

We had no actual Writer’s Workshop, so I worked much too hard on a post where I shared my top ten posts for 2019, basing it solely on the number of comments I received, omittingmy A to Z Challenge entries because they always seem to dominate.

We visited radio station KRLA in Los Angeles and I shared their Top Ten for the last week of 1963.

The prompt was "year," so I blathered on about it, stream-of-consciousness style.

I have a playlist of some New Year’s songs for your listening pleasure tomorrow, and I’m thinking of Frank DeVol as my featured artist on Tuesday. I need to wait for prompts for the rest of the week. There’s also an award that I need to look at, and I’ll do that sometime this week. Should be a fun-filled and exciting time here, so stay tuned.

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And that’s it for the last Week That Was of 2019. See you in the funny papers!

13 thoughts on “The Last Week That Was of 2019

  1. Pizza rolls tradition — that’s good, I like that.
    I had a hard time finding a playlist I liked on YouTube and think I will have to create my own in Apple Music. I like a more traditional playlist, so I ended up with Bing and Perry and Elvis, cause I couldn’t take another upbeat version of a hymn done by some young person whose talent is too great for my ears.


  2. I fell down on visiting your great blog. I will check some out. Crazy week and Christmas Day I was so tired I slept most of the day. I was supposed to go with my hubby to his sister’s place on Friday but she was sick and 8 don’t want to get sick so I stayed behind. Christmas Eve was Beautiful with my family over and opening gifts but I was a cripple due to making the dinner and being on my feet all day. Organization will be my word for next year. Today, I am goi g to a Viennese concert and am really looking forward to it.


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