Monday’s Music Moves Me: New Year’s Greatest Hits

So, the Xmas Music Xtravaganza has finished for another year, but we aren’t quite into January, so that must mean it’s the day we pull our New Year’s music out of the vault and play it. For this list, I combined my lists from last year and from 2017.

  1. Ella Fitzgerald, "What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve?" A classic New Year’s song from a classic jazz singer.
  2. Barry Manilow, "It’s Just Another New Year’s Eve" God bless Barry Manilow: he hasn’t had a hit record in years, but he’s still out there plugging away.
  3. Pentatonix, "New Year’s Day" Pentatonix, for me at least, came out of nowhere and became my favorite a capella singing quintet.
  4. Abba, "Happy New Year" A song that’s become a classic, mostly because there really aren’t that many good New Year’s songs.
  5. Joyce Paultre, "Happy New Year Song (na, na, na, na, na)" Speaking of not many good New Year’s songs, Joyce Paultre says in the comments for this song, "I couldn’t find a silly new year’s song that made me feel like singing at the top of my lungs, so I wrote one. It’s just a fun way to welcome the new year!" I think she did pretty well, don’t you?
  6. The McGuire Sisters, "Happy New Year" The McGuire Sisters were a popular singing trio until it became known that Phyllis McGuire was keeping company with Chicago mob boss Sam "Momo" Giancana. Considering how good they sound together, I wouldn’t have minded if she had been dating Al Capone.
  7. George Harrison, "Ding Dong, Ding Dong" George did this for his 1974 album Dark Horse, and it was the first single from that album released in the UK and second in the US after the title track. He was inspired by something he found at his home in Friar Park, once owned by a Sir Frank Crisp, who had poetry and aphorisms engraved everywhere. Wikipedia suggests that he might also haev been inspired by a couple of glam-rock songs that were popular at the time, Slade’s "Merry Xmas Everybody" and Wizzard’s "I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday."
  8. Charlie Robison, "New Year’s Day" A retired country singer from Houston, Charlie comes from a family of singer-songwriters, with his brother Robert and sister Robyn also writing songs. This is from his 2004 album Good Times.
  9. Charles Brown, "Bringing In A Brand New Year" Blues pianist and singer Brown gives the day a bluesy treatment. This was recorded in 1961 but not released until 1964 as the B side to "Christmas Comes But Once A Year," probably his best-known song.
  10. Bing Crosby, "Let’s Start The New Year Right" From the 1942 movie Holiday Inn, this was released as part of an album called Song Hits From Holiday Inn, which came out in the days before the LP.
  11. Guy Lombardo & His Royal Canadians, "Auld Lang Syne" Guy passed away in 1977, but his rendition of the old Robert Burns song remains the most popular of all time. Somewhere they’ll be playing this at midnight on Tuesday.

From all of us here at The Sound of Typing, Happy New Year! Wishing you the best for 2020.

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25 thoughts on “Monday’s Music Moves Me: New Year’s Greatest Hits

  1. John,

    The McGuire Sisters ‘New Year’s Day’ is a cheery ditty that I haven’t heard in years. πŸ™‚ You introduced some good new ones to my ears today. I, especially enjoyed Charlie Robison’s ‘New Year’s Day’. Every time I hear Guy Lombardi’s ‘Auld Lang Syne’ I’m reminded of the days when broadcast TV signed off the air on New Year’s Eve. πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing the dance floor as we say goodbye to 2019 as we wrap the 4M Christmas mewsic edition up. I hope the new year if filled with many good things for you and Mary. It’s been a joy sharing this year with you, my friend!


    1. I think I mentioned that these were pretty much the same New Year’s songs I’ve used the last couple of years, but they’re just so good. I had never even heard of Charlie Robison before I heard that one, and I especially like it. The McGuire Sisters did a lot of cheery songs, kind of like the other great sister acts (Lennon, Andrews, King, Beverly etc.) and deserve to be remembered for more than one of them being Momo Giancana’s mistress. (He was one of the more notorious Chicago Mafiosi.)

      Guy Lombardo has earned himself a place in history as Mr. New Year’s Eve. He’s been gone over 40 years and they still pull his record out every year, and probably will continue to do so long after we’re gone.


  2. OMG How could I have forgotten Ella, but thanks to you I still get to hear her. Love her voice & that song. Happy New Year to you and yours my friend. Great tunes today and I loves every single one. That trumpet is so soothing. Barry Manilow really has a story like voice don’t you think? Ahhhh The McGuire Sisters. What three voices that sing together sound so very perfect. I never heard this tune, but cute. George Harrison, nice, but that’s all he says, “Ring out the old and ring in the new”. Now, country is always a story so that one is nice, new to me though. Oh wow, Bing Crosby’s voice is so soothing and wow I haven’t heard this song in forever. What movie was that one in? I guess I missed one this year. hahaha Wow, Guy Lombardo! I haven’t heard that one in a long time. What a great line up my friend. Well, Happy New Year to you and yours my friend… sealed with a big ole’ smooch! HAPPY NEW YEAR! I wish you & your lovely wife a good life with good health, happiness, and prosperity! HUGS


    1. Ella was one of the greatest voices of our time, and no one did the standards better than she did. Barry Manilow is just a great performer, and I think they broke the mold after him. You’re right, a lot of his songs sound like you’re having a cup of coffee with him and he’s telling you a story.

      One of these days, I should do a series on Two for Tuesday of brother and sister acts. There are so many good ones and many of them are all but forgotten.

      “Let’s Start The New Year Right” was from Holiday Inn with Fred Astaire and Marjorie Reynolds. Can’t remember if it’s at the beginning or the end (I think it’s at the end).

      Happy New Year, Marie!


    1. I didn’t know about “Ding Dong” until someone pointed it out last year. Weird, huh? They’ll pull Guy Lombardo’s “Auld Lang Syne” out of the vault every New Year’s Eve, and they should, because that’s the definitive version of it.

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    1. Well, you know I love the ABBA song and have this on one of their albums. I watched Holiday In. This year and love it despite the notorious Lincoln’s Birthday number which I feel should never be censored because it should be shown as how not to pay respect to the African Americans even though, at that time, they thought the6 were. Anyhoo, love that you came up with so many. I remember when Guy Lombardo died because my dad was really upset by this. He had seen him more than once in the 1930’s and β€˜40s.

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