Two For Tuesday: Frank De Vol

Frank De Vol had a great run as a composer for TV and film as well as a deadpan comic actor. You might remember that he played bandleader Happy Kyne in Fernwood Tonight and America 2-Night and had the recurring role of Sammy on The Jeffersons. He was a composer in film projects, and received four Academy Award nominations, most notably for Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner? in 1967. He also composed theme music for television…

Family Affair


My Three Sons

The Brady Bunch


Frank De Vol, your Two for Tuesday, December 31, 20190. Happy New Year!

17 thoughts on “Two For Tuesday: Frank De Vol

    1. Maureen McCormick (i.e. Marcia Marcia Marcia Brady) has written a book, too, Here’s the Story: Surviving Marcia Brady and Finding My True Voice, which I haven’t read but I’d like to. Barry and Maureen apparently had something going between them; did Barry talk about that in his book?

      We watched all those shows. Compared to what’s on today, they were masterpieces…

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        1. Really, Florence Henderson? She was a nice looking woman, too. She was running a computer support line for seniors a few years ago. I tried to get a job there, but it had closed and I think she died shortly after that.

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  1. I hope the new year will be one full of good health, joy and a minimum of crap…hahahaaa. I had no clue that this character actor did all these songs especially The iconic Brady Bunch and even My 3 Sons. Family Affair was always so sweet and it makes me giggle when I just saw Brian Keith in The Rare Breed.


    1. Hope your 2020 goes well as well!

      De Vol was a musical genius and got into acting as sort of a sideline. Since he was writing so much music for TV, he probably spent a lot of time at the studio, and they’d just grab him when they needed someone. He played a lot of deadpan characters.


    1. “Grindl” only lasted one season (1963-64), and most people were off watching “Hazel,” to which it bore a remarkable similarity. Ms. Coca was a funny lady (she worked with Sid Caesar on “Your Show Of Shows,” and if I remember correctly played the grandmother/mother-in-law in “National Lampoon’s Vacation”), but the show was a dud. Lasted a full season, though.


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