Song of the Day: Three Dog Night, “Celebrate”

Happy New Year, everyone! I’m writing this from Monday, which is, of course, Monday’s Music Moves Me day. Patrick, one of the 4M participants, used "Joy To The World" as one of his songs today, which gave me the idea for this.

"Celebrate" was from Three Dog Night’s second album, 1969’s Suitable For Framing. It was the third of three singles from the album, the other two being "Easy To Be Hard" and "Eli’s Coming." While it didn’t do as well as those two songs, it nevertheless reached #15 in the US and #8 in Canada in 1970. Something I didn’t realize until today was that the horn section from the band Chicago played with them on this.

12 thoughts on “Song of the Day: Three Dog Night, “Celebrate”

    1. They did so many good songs over the years. One of my favorites is “Out In The Country,” which might have been their next single after this.


    1. As I said, it’s Chicago’s horn section, who were much better than they are today (which isn’t their fault: they’re all in their mid- to late-70’s now).


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