Song of the Day: Blues Image, “Ride Captain Ride”

"Ride Captain Ride" was written by Blues Image’s guitarist and lead singer Mike Pinera and keyboardist Frank "Skip" Conte. Wikipedia tells us that Pinera was looking at his Rhodes electric piano and noticed it had 73 keys, and the line "seventy-three men sailed off, from the San Francisco Bay" came to mind, and "it sort of wrote itself after that." The song in a slightly shortened form from the album (1970’s Open) was released as a single and quickly went to #4 in the US and Canada, and also reached #23 in Australia. It was Blues Image’s only hit.

12 thoughts on “Song of the Day: Blues Image, “Ride Captain Ride”

  1. Just a great song… I was only 3 when it came out but I remember this one and Brandy…when I hear one I think of the other…why I don’t know. Great selection John.


  2. I am now going to show my age. Back in the day, a real treat for our family was to go to Abbey’s Pizza Inn for dinner. We didn’t have much money, so this was quite a big deal. Abbey’s had a juke box, and it was three songs for 25 cents. My brother and I each got to pick one, and my mom picked the third. I almost always chose “Ride Captain Ride” if it was on the machine.


    1. There are several songs that could fit just about anywhere between 1964 and 1974, and this is one of them. I couldn’t remember if I was in grammar school or high school, then I remembered that the summer of 1970 was between grammar school and high school…


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