Share Your World for January 6, 2020

It’s that time again! Share Your World is a creation of Melanie B Cee over at sparksfromacombustiblemind, where you’l find all the rules in case you want to play along. And hey, why not play along?

Is "hello” enough for you these days? (credit to Rory) Short answer: Y. Long answer: Yes.

Do you believe in Murphy? For those who aren’t familiar with Murphy, here’s a wee explanation: Murphy’s Law is an adage or epigram that is typically stated as: “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong”. First, there are about thirteen (13) "Murphy’s Laws," all of which can be seen here. There are also some specific laws, such as "Murphy’s Law for Copiers" ("The legibility of a copy is inversely proportional to its importance") and "Murphy’s Constant" ("Matter will be damaged in direct proportion to its value"). I personally like O’Toole’s Commentary on Murphy’s Law: Murphy was an optimist. You can’t work with computers as long as I did and not believe in Murphy’s laws.

Does evil come from within? If so, why? I think you’d have to say that it comes from within. People tend to have their own ideas about what’s good and evil. Say there was a tornado somewhere that was followed by massive looting. Most people will say "that’s terrible," but one or two will say "hey! that sounds like fun!"

Are intelligent people more or less happy than others? Intelligent people are no more and no less happy than others. Happiness and intelligence are independent variables. What defines intelligence? The ability to say "I don’t know" when you don’t know. Like now.

Please feel free to share a quote, photo or thought about gratitude. How about a song? Sam & Dave, "I Thank You."

See you in the funny papers!

20 thoughts on “Share Your World for January 6, 2020

    1. Printers of any kind are the bane of my existence. I’d just as soon take any printing to Kinko’s and not have to have one around. And copiers… I’ve been to some client sites where you couldn’t make a single copy of a single page without calling the service people. Why they put up with it was beyond me.


  1. I am not into the superstitions but sometimes everything g goes wrong on a day and you wonder. I think some people are born evil like Jeffrey Dahmer or John Wayne Gacy. There is something missing in their brain that never is triggered like empathy. Ohand Hi!


    1. Honestly, nothing. “How are you?” leaves an opening for a smartass answer: my stepfather would answer “well, have you got an hour?” while DJ Larry Lujack used to answer it “about average.” Sometimes that can be a Pandora’s box too, when people have a lot of (usually bad) things going on. I was in downtown Chicago and ran into a girl I knew (barely) from high school, and asked her that question, then spent the next hour hearing how her husband had died and how difficult it was getting her Ph. D. About halfway through I asked if she wanted to get coffee (we were standing under the L tracks at Randolph and Wabash, with the trains going overhead about every three minutes) and she said she had to get somewhere, then talked for another half hour….

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  2. Good answers esp on Murphy’s law – when I was in grade school I had a t-shirt with the “anything that can go wrong” part of the quote and I kinda loved it! Ha
    But I appreciate the link you gave to read all of the laws and just expounding on it more – going to check it now –
    And the question about evil seems silly to me – without being too critical – some of the questions for SYW seem below average –
    Anyhow – I think all behavior is from a mix of nature nurture – ((within and external forces at play))


    1. I gather the questions from a variety of sources, some of which may well be ‘sub par’ to someone else. Nobody can please everyone. What I do try to do is provide a mix of the sub par and the excellent and the average. Sorry if you find the questions below your own standards.

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      1. Oh I a the one sorry if my comment seemed rude in any way.
        And sounds like you have a good plan for the type of questions you want and it sure is nice of you to host a challenge and come up with fresh themes and questions regularly – and here wishes for all who join your awesome challenge

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    2. Hey, I don’t write the questions, I just answer them… I’m sure you’re right that behavior is a combination of nature and nurture, and it’s likely that the proportion is different for each person, kinda the old “id-ego-superego” thing Freud talked about…

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