Song of the Day: The Ides of March, “L. A. Goodbye”

The unofficial "theme" for the last couple of days has been songs that mention Los Angeles (more exacly LA) in the lyrics. I woke up this morning (I’m writing this in advance, which you probably knew, because this was posted at 3 AM Eastern time and, if all goes well, I’m asleep right now) and remembered another LA song, this by a band from the Chicago area.

The Ides of March, from the western suburb of Berwyn, Illinois, had one huge hit in the US, "Vehicle", which reached #2 in the US and #3 in Canada in 1970. Jim Peterik wrote "Vehicle" and its followup, "L. A. Goodbye," which only reached #73 nationally but #2 on WCFL and #5 on WLS (both Chicago Top 40 stations at the time). The band took an extended hiatus from 1973 to 1990, during which time Peterik founded the band Survivor, co-writing all of their hits, and collaborated on songs such as "Hold on Loosely" by .38 Special. The band reunited in 1990 and has been touring and recording ever since.

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  1. OMG they are definitely one of my fav’s!!! I did a blog on getting kissed by Jim Peters. Me and the husband are groupies of this band when they go on their summer tour at the local parks. So much fun 😉 Have a great day, my Chicago friend ❤


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