Writer’s Workshop: A Class of ’74 Gold Ring

My high school graduation picture. I look like I should be sitting on Edgar Bergen’s lap.

I never bought a class ring from high school. I think I was just so tired of it by the time I got out that I wanted as few reminders that I had ever gone there as possible. I think if I could have run out of the gym on June 6, 1974, after getting my diploma, I would have, but (a) I couldn’t talk the girl I walked out with into running with me, and (b) the shoes I was wearing were really slippery and I probably would have fallen on my backside and broken something.

To hear some people talk about it, high school was the greatest four years of their life, but honestly, I wonder how many people actually feel that way. I know I don’t. And of those who actually do feel that way, I wonder if the rest of their lives have been as fulfilling. My guess, again, is probably not. I mean, if the years between 14 and 18 are the high point of your life, the rest of it must really suck.

Well, the assignment was to take a song I love and use a line from it as the title of the post. If you’ve known me long enough, you know what song it is…

23 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop: A Class of ’74 Gold Ring

  1. Well weren’t you just the most dapper looking fella!? What a suit! I never got a class ring either and I remember not liking high school, but I feel like I have somehow managed to remember mostly only the good parts because I do think back on those days fondly. The days and years that followed only got better though! Thank goodness!


    1. I’ve made my peace with my high school years. Which is a good thing, because I’ve been out almost 50 years…

      You don’t really get the full effect of my clothes looking at them in this picture. It was pretty well cobbled together from whatever I could find, and I looked a little like a test pattern. My brothers had nice suits for their pictures because I worked at a department store and got them discounts…


  2. This is great! I wouldn’t say they were the best years for me (for a variety of reasons) but I sure think about them often.


    1. I went to college graduation. It was pretty much required (not by the University, but by Mom, who was aghast that Mary didn’t attend hers). I talked about my graduation here. In short, you didn’t miss anything.


  3. Yeah, I don’t think of any of my school years as particularly fun or the best times of my life. I’ve had much more fun and better times being an adult. Maybe I didn’t party enough in school? To me it was just something I had to do. Some classes and some teachers I enjoyed more than others. I did have one teacher who looked like Steve McQueen. That was not bad.


  4. Hi John … love the song and seeing the group … we have a different system here … I was happy as I could play sport – pretty useless at the rest! Fun photo of you … cheers Hilary


    1. I like that live version of the song, mostly because it was taped here. I don’t know him personally, but I get the sense that Bruce Blackman (the singer) is a really nice guy. Bo Wagner, who played marimba, passed away a couple of years ago.

      I’ve tried to understand the “O” levels and “A” levels and gotten really confused by, so I’ll take your word for it. 😀


  5. I remember high school as a time of great times and great misery (Yes, I’m talking about you, Latin!). I’ve gone to every reunion we’ve ever had and still get together with the remnants of my class four times a year. Its like most of life’s experiences; you only remember the good times.


    1. I haven’t been to any of my reunions. There are a couple of guys I stay in touch with, and that’s fine with me. Facebook has done a lot as far as keeping everyone up to date, and that’s really as close as I care to get. Weird, though, how many classmates I’ve lost, over 10% of the class. I know it just gets worse…


      1. I remember my last week as a senior. A cute girl in front of me heard I was going to Florida for spring break…she turned around and said…Yea that will be fun but after that it will never be the same!
        That bummed me out a little but I soon got over it… That cute girl…ended up being the principle of the Jr High that my son went to.

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    1. You made me laugh with your Edgar Bergen comment…hahahaa. I hated high school and was glad to be rid of it. Funny…a few people I know who felt high school was their best, are not that happy now because they are no longer mr. Or Mrs. popular


      1. Usually I say “Paul Winchell,” but too many people want to know who that is.

        You wonder what keeps the people who think high school was the high point of their lives going. I can’t imagine what that must be like.


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